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Secom partners with the industry’s best subject matter experts, allowing us to fulfill all of your security needs in just one call. 

Fulfill All of Your Security and Technical Needs with Just One Call

As your trusted security partner for more than 20 years, we’ve helped countless clients manage their entire security needs and systems. Whether you are expanding your business or have outgrown your existing space, we know first-hand what a hassle it can be negotiating with multiple vendors just to get your security in place.

By leveraging the skillsets and specialized knowledge of our thoroughly vetted, third-party partners, we can streamline your time to market, improve your efficiency, and boost your bottom line. We provide business security, government security, industrial security, and services to religious and educational institutions. For all of these industries, we can ensure your defenses are under one contract, including, but not limited to:



    • IP/Cloud Phone SystemsWhether you need to install four phones for your small business, or implement enterprise systems nationwide, Secom can heed the call.


    • Low Voltage Data Cabling – No cabling job is too big for our team. We provide turnkey infrastructure cabling for entertainment, technology, and security purposes, and can handle all planning, installation, and ongoing maintenance.


    • Networks – From servers to switches to routers, and beyond, Secom excels at network installation and security, providing you with crystal clear communication throughout your facility.


    • Bullet Resistant Window Tint – Protect your business or organization from shattered windows, attempted break-ins, and even gunfire. Used by embassies, government agencies, and high-risk properties worldwide, this exciting new technology is extremely effective in fortifying windows to sustain impact. While not bulletproof, these films have been effective in changing the trajectory of a bullet, reducing the risk of injury.


    • Audio-Visual – From sports bars to corporate boardrooms, Secom can handle all of your facility’s multimedia needs.


    • Armed/Unarmed Guard Response – Our office regularly provides clients with armed or unarmed guard response solutions and we can meet your sponsoring agency’s mandatory response times.

    • Automatic Door Openers and Gates – We can provide your property with upgraded convenience and an extra level of security between your assets and uninvited guests.


Give your dialing finger a rest. With Secom, LLC, one call can solve it all.

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