Asset Protection

Keep Track of What’s Important

With Secom’s comprehensive asset protection services, any item you tag can be tracked using RFID technology.

If you can tag it – we can track it.

Keep close tabs on your business and its belongings, streamline your practices, organize your space, and boost your bottom line.

Asset location & loss reduction:

  • Track virtually anything – furniture, documents, deliverables, and employees using unobtrusive RFID tags that are specifically designed for the type of asset needed to be tracked.
  • Know the last known location of assets at all times.
  • Easily and painlessly establish “chain of custody.” Know precisely where an asset originated, where it is going, where it has been, and who has handled it.
  • Conduct fast, accurate inventory checks that do not require direct line-of-sight (i.e. barcoding).
  • Leverage real-time data and print reports regarding asset whereabouts.

Supply management:

  • Receive immediate alerts when inventory is running low.
  • Track multiple kinds of assets at multiple facilities.
  • Use data to reduce stock and reallocate resources.
  • Integrate RFID solutions with office software to eliminate errors and free up in-house staff for mission-critical needs.

Protect Your Most Important Asset

Your employees are, bar none, the most critical assets powering your company. Monitoring staff movements with RFID-equipped badges can keep them safe.

  • Reinforce social distancing – and expedite contract tracing – throughout the pandemic.
  • Analyze data to encourage more efficient routes and task breakdowns and reduce wasteful and/or unsafe practices.
  • Know where all team members are and rally them together in the event of an emergency or crisis.

Your Return on Investment is Easy to Follow

Initial installation of asset protection solutions is quickly offset by the time saved searching for missing items and the dollars saved on potential replacements.

By making day-to-day operations more efficient, you also reduce the total number of employees required for inventory tasks.

Secom, through a partnership with National Office Systems (NOS), will help optimize your office space and reduce your overhead using state-of-the-art asset protection solutions. We’ll deliver an ROI that is truly second to none.

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