Secom can help you track your company’s most important belongings using asset protection solutions powered by radio frequency identification (RFID).

If you can tag it, we can track it – making your life as a business owner or manager so, so, SO much easier.

But first, let’s play cops and robbers.

Imagine you’re a forensic investigator from CSI or some other television procedural. You know the kind. Those shows where the leads whip off their sunglasses and make some sort of nonsensical comment while glaring menacingly into the distance.

You’ve just stumbled upon a damning piece of evidence at the crime scene. But before busting the bad guy, that evidence will travel from your vicinity to an evidence control room, making multiple stops in between for investigative purposes. After being poked and prodded and cataloged, the evidence will then be shelved until trial, then pulled out again to be transferred to court, then entered into evidence, and finally – after the hammer of justice has delivered the boom – brought back to lockup and shelved again indefinitely.

So many different hands touched this evidence, didn’t they? Determining who, what, where, and when that happened is known as establishing “chain of custody.” And it is vital. Not just for imaginary crime scenes, but in every aspect of running a business.  Just think: your company comprises so many different components, with so many of them coming and going on a daily basis. Don’t you need to know where they are, and who they are with?

Asset protection solutions regularly help business owners avoid debilitating loss from both error AND theft. Keeping tabs on your business resources and inventory ultimately helps you to streamline workplace practices, organize your facility, and grow your revenue.

Consider the benefits:

  • It’s comprehensive: RFID tags can be easily attached. That means you can tag virtually anything at all – from furniture to files to merchandise.
  • It’s lightning fast: Unlike traditional barcoding systems, RFID does not require direct line-of-sight. With one swift scan of a room, readers can check inventory in a matter of seconds.
  • It’s accurate: With asset protection solutions from Secom, you will know the current locations of your tag assets at all times. Print reports, receive alerts when inventory is low, track goods across multiple facilities – and put real-time data into action.

Asset protection solutions put you in complete control of supply management. They mitigate errors and relieve your on-site staff of bean-counting tasks, so that they can focus on more pressing needs. That time saved quickly offsets the initial install costs, giving you a phenomenal ROI. And by making day-to-day operations more efficient, you can cut down on unnecessary and costly hires.

Secom has partnered with National Office Systems (NOS) to deliver state-of-the-art asset protection solutions straight to your office or organization. Learn how we can help you optimize your office space today. Contact us today.