Temperatures in Maryland recently plummeted below zero, courtesy of the much-maligned Polar Vortex that swept the East Coast. News reports warned of the imminent dangers of exposure, from hypothermia to frostbite.

But the winter months can also expose your small business to a number of other threats – from theft to water damage to mounting utility bills. 

Luckily, just like gloves, scarves, and parkas, protection exists for business owners.

Here are just three ways you can leverage security systems to shield your business.

Mind the store – The winter months can occasionally mean extended periods away from the office – particularly during the holiday season. An empty storefront can be a tempting target for burglars and trespassers. Make certain your small business is protected with integrated electronic security systems that monitor everything from doors to lighting.

  • Today’s alarm systems are operable via an intuitive user interface, allowing business owners to arm and disarm systems remotely. Systems can also deliver custom alerts when motion is detected or when breaches occur.
  • Automate your office lights to discourage intruders. Keep specific areas well-lit after hours, including security lights that activate after dark.
  • Closed-circuit video can capture live or recorded video at virtually every access point on your property. Integrate with your electronic security system and alarms to receive immediate video alerts to any unusual or suspicious activity on premises.

Keep things cozy – Heating costs can quickly escalate in the winter months, delivering an unexpected blow to your bottom line. Smart thermostat controls integrated with your small business’s electronic security systems can help you reduce energy costs, while increasing the comfort of your employees and guests. And that’s not all:

  • Conserve energy when everyone has left for the day. Automated scheduling allows small business owners to set thermostat back when your security system is armed.
  • Preprogram a temperature range that is conducive to your workplace and enable lock-outs remotely.
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone or mobile device if anyone tampers with the temperature while you are off-site.
  • Use real-time local weather conditions to adjust settings if there is a dramatic drop (or spike) in temperature.

Keep your head above water –Maryland residents have certainly experienced their share of frigid temps this winter, with months left to go. Freezing temperatures are a leading cause of burst and broken pipes, and consequently, flooded homes and businesses. Don’t let it happen to your business. Ask about water sensors, which can detect leaks when they happen and immediately send an alert to your smartphone. And thanks to an integrated electronic security system, you can unlock your business doors remotely to permit access to repair crews, stem the tide of the damage, and prevent financial ruin.

Secom’s integrated security systems solutions ensure that your small business is operating efficiently at all times, whatever the season. Read more about our small business services or reach out to us today to find out how we can help, or request service online.