Firewalls just aren’t cutting it anymore.

It doesn’t take much of a Google search to realize that cyber criminals are getting savvier and more duplicitous every day. Meanwhile, standalone cyber security solutions can be more complicated than they’re worth – far too many are slow on the draw and provide results only after your enterprise has suffered irreparable damage or loss.

Managed Detection and Response, on the other hand, is designed to detect advanced threats – both known and unknown – throughout your networks and respond in record time.

The following four features must be present in you Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team to deliver threat intelligence:  

  1. A special set of skills: MDR is implemented by teams of seasoned professionals, many of whom have extensive experience and knowledge of the hacking trade and related techniques. This provides them with a distinct advantage when addressing advanced threats for clients.
  2. A human touch. While automation is occasionally used to facilitate MDR, by and large, the process is carried out by actual human beings who monitor your network 24/7. Analysts interface with customers directly when relevant threats are escalated to suggest the best courses of action for resolution.

  3. Live asset visibility. MDR keeps a trained eye on your agency’s integrated IT, IoT, and OT frameworks and devices, immediately pinpointing those that are targeted and taking swift action.

  4. Immediate and decisive response. When malicious threats are detected and confirmed, your MDR team acts immediately to detain the affected device and stop the spread of the infection before it has a chance to take root.

Secom is the Mid-Atlantic’s only security company that serves as an authorized reseller for Blackpoint Cyber. Their Managed Detection and Response team’s roster comprises former U.S. intelligence cyber experts who leverage real-world experience to catch breaches and swiftly respond to contain them. 

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