Fall has officially arrived. Colorful, crunchy leaves; crisp autumn mornings; daylight saving time. Is the outdoor security for your business or property prepared for the time change and an extra hour of darkness?

Is your exterior lighting on a timer? Make sure to update any settings so that the system activates, and your buildings remain well-lit throughout the night.

Many small businesses and commercial properties store a high number of valuable assets outdoors but are bereft of ample security measures to deter after-hour theft and burglaries.

Here are four additional ways you can improve your commercial property’s outdoor security game this fall.

  1. Know your goals. A quality security vendor can help you identify vulnerabilities and develop a gameplan that delineates main objectives, such as:
  • Warding off intruders.
  • Protecting personnel and guests.
  • Preventing theft and loss of assets.
  • Alerting to trespassers and/or loiterers
  • Notifying the proper authorities and first responders.
  1. Review your existing plan. Take stock in what is working currently – and what is not.
  • What security measures have you previously implemented, and how well have they worked at protecting your property?
  • Is the tech currently in place outdated in any way or in need of an upgrade?
  • What security risks or vulnerabilities do your existing landscape, signage, and architecture present?
  • Do you require around the clock coverage or only certain timeframes?
  1. Consider video surveillance possibilities. The mere presence of a surveillance camera – or a fake surveillance camera, in some situations – may or may not deter a criminal element. Regardless, it will not help prevent a criminal event from occurring outright. For optimal outdoor security coverage, consider implementing motion and thermal sensors with your CCTV cameras, which will trigger recording functions only when movement and heat signatures are detected, while making the best use of your hard drive storage. Ask a quality security vendor about the proper positioning for your surveillance systems for maximum coverage, clarity, and more.
  2. Integrate. Leveraging the full protective power of your access control, video, intrusion detection, and alarm systems is so much more effective when they are working in unison. Access controlled entrances and exits should open when fire alarms are triggered. Surveillance cameras should have recorded evidence of everyone accessing high-security areas, at all times. Card readers should recognize authorized personnel and disengage intrusion alarms. It’s all about collaboration. Work closely with your security vendor to ensure that your security measures are working together for you.

Secom, LLC can help you take the right steps to maximize your outdoor security. Contact us today to learn more and ask about our in-house financing.