Trying to decide what to get the entrepreneur who has everything this holiday season? How about peace of mind his or her property and assets are protected, courtesy of a single, intuitive user interface?

Thanks to state-of-the-art tech, managing and tracking your business’s security systems is easier and more comprehensive than ever. A single, intuitive user interface can help you keep a close watch on your property around the clock, while providing unprecedented access to multiple integrated systems from virtually anyplace in the world.

Here are just five cool things you can accomplish in just a matter of clicks from your desktop or mobile device:

  1. Engage lockdown. Using a single, intuitive user interface, you can lock or unlock your building’s doors from across the street – or across the globe. You can also manage user permissions remotely for any access point in your building.
  2. Always remember, and never forget: Don’t leave anything to chance (or forgetful employees). Arm and disarm alarm systems remotely and be automatically notified of any unusual or suspicious activity in real time. Cancel false alarms no matter where you happen to be.
  3. Light things up: Discourage intruders by automating your office lights, keeping particularly vulnerable areas well-lit after hours. Automate security lights to activate after dark.
  4. Go to the video: Access live or recorded video from any property access point, at any time, and integrate with other systems to receive immediate video alerts when unusual activity occurs on premises. Access footage of important events almost instantaneously.
  5. Save your energy. Lock thermostat settings locally or specify agreeable temperature ranges. Automate your thermostat to shut down when no one is in the building.

With a single, intuitive user interface, business owners can also manage multiple locations in a matter of minutes, viewing arming status, open/close times, temperatures, and so much more, while identifying activity patterns and trends across properties, and creating automation applicable for all locations.

Make the holidays merry – and efficient – for that business owner in your life, or simply treat yourself and your employees to a better, safer way of doing business with a single, intuitive user interface courtesy of Secom, LLC.

Our small business monitoring services put users in control of their security and provide real-time notifications, remote access, and smart sensors that are always on the job.

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