Business owners: does this scenario sound at all familiar?

You recently had to let one of your managers go, for one reason or another. In the process, you realized that there are far too many duplicate perimeter keys making the rounds at your workspace, which could potentially expose your company and its assets to risk.

So, what’s the solution?

The Secom team provided an assist in a situation just like this, recently. The company in question ultimately changed the locks on all perimeter doors and instead installed an electronic access control system in two strategic locations: the main employee entrance and a third-party door used for deliveries. By doing so, the savvy business owner maintained complete control, receiving up-to-date alerts whenever anyone entered or exited the facility. Temporary access could be issued to vendors at a moment’s notice, without the owner even needing to be on site. It was a simple, straightforward, easily implemented solution to an all-too-common problem.

Access control systems are designed for this kind of convenience.

Consider a few more ways an access control system could save your business time, funds, and a whole lot of frustration:

  • “I Seem to Have Lost My Key:” Just like the forward-thinking administrator in our opening story, businesses should take a closer look at how their credentials are being used. Lost key cards and fobs regularly rack up thousands of dollars in rekeying costs. But implementing a top-notch access control system saves so much energy, as administrators can delete a wayward credential with just one click.
  • Lofty utility bills: Staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer has never been a cheap prospect, and when you’re responsible for the comfort of an entire team – those expenses just multiply exponentially. But an access control system that is integrated with your lighting and thermostat solutions can, at the very least, help your building or facility work smarter. Smart tech can automatically adjust temps and illumination from room to room based on occupancy. They can even be programmed to shut off at the end of the day and initiate again in the morning when the team arrives.
  • No more late employees: Is tardiness an ongoing problem in your office? A state-of-the-art access control system can help you pinpoint problem employees, allowing you to address the situation head-on (whether that involves disciplinary measures or dismissal), and prevent other coworkers from being subjected to unintended side effects.

When faced with common problems regarding your workplace security, Secom can help you introduce an exceptional solution into the mix.

Our cloud-based access control systems regularly help business owners see all and know all about their facilities and their occupants, improving efficiency and productivity. Pay only for the features you require, and rest assured that you will never be locked into proprietary tools or software. Contact us today to learn more.Top of Form