Fall has arrived. Temperatures are getting cooler, nights are getting longer, and criminals looking for an angle are getting more deceptive day by day. Here are three autumn security suggestions to help keep your business safe as the seasons change.

  1. Don’t let the sun go down on your security: Exterior lighting will be imperative as autumn nears and the days grow shorter. Criminals love to work under the cover of night, and fall – for all of its plusses – gives them extra hours of darkness and shadow to work with. Talk to your security vendor about setting up automatic lighting that allows you to see the entirety of your facility and buildings from the street. Motion-activated systems, too, can make short work of any potential hideaways, while smart security solutions can be pre-programmed to activate at certain times of the day. Make certain your employees arrive at a well-lit workspace and create a convincing illusion that your office is still occupied even when your team is safe at home.
  2. Think outside of the box (and the building) to deduce new threats: Batman once described thieves as “a superstitious and cowardly lot” – but they’re also extremely opportunistic. They’re rarely shy about taking whatever advantages are presented to them – and in the fall months, these softballs tend to be lobbed up time and time again. Take leaves, for instance; or – more to the point – their absence. Bare trees that once were lush and green provide a perfect vantage point for wrongdoers to scope out your property, its layout, and the comings and goings of your team. Strategically placed surveillance cameras can help you pinpoint any loiterers in the vicinity who may be taking notes, so to speak. Batman was on the money regarding superstition, though. Not only that, but the mere presence of CCTV cameras can serve as a deterrent to trespassers.
  3. Keep your cool: Autumn also means cooler temperatures and a renewed interest in the office thermostat. Space heaters and related appliances also make a return appearance in a big way. Unfortunately, in addition to the comfort they provide, these tools can also pose a risk of fire. At this time of year, business owners and property managers should always schedule a fire alarm system checkup with the appropriate provider. Also, talk to your security vendor about integrating heat and temperature sensors with your facility’s intrusion detection system. This offers enhanced protection against crises from fires to floods and more. Smart thermostats, too, allow you to leverage sensors in different rooms to create a comfortable environment in a much more precise, efficient, and safe way.

Risks to any business can grow and change each day, let alone season. Secom can offer autumn security suggestions to optimize your business’s defenses this fall and help you take the necessary steps to implement them. Contact us today to learn more.