The main benefits of video surveillance solutions seem relatively simple at first glance:

  • Discourage criminals
  • Eliminate theft

But look a little closer, and the many significant ways video surveillance can improve efficiencies begin to come into focus.

The logistical perks alone are numerous:

  1. Cloud-based simplicity: Cloud-based CCTV systems do not require on-site hardware, servers, or storage, all but eliminating damage and costly repairs. Video is managed by a remote server which is continuously monitored by a third party.
  2. Unparalleled scalability: From one camera to 100, cloud-based systems allow businesses to easily and seamlessly upgrade at any time to meet their growing needs. Similarly, solutions can be easily removed if not needed, saving money and resources.
  3. Lower staffing costs: Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of video surveillance systems, is that cloud-based solutions cut down on IT staffing costs. Because on-site servers and software are nonexistent, no specialists are required to manage and troubleshoot them.
  4. Hands-off operation: Until reviewing the footage is called for, cloud-based video surveillance systems are largely a “set it and forget it” prospect. Backups are made instantaneously, in real-time, without any effort on your behalf. This keeps things moving smoothly and continuously, providing efficient, hassle-free defense measures.

But there are several other ways that video surveillance solutions protect your teammates, your customers, and your bottom line.

  1. Manage multiple locations: Today’s cloud-based systems are accessible from virtually any place, at any time via a single, intuitive user interface from any Internet-connected advice. Not only that but permissions can be easily granted to multiple team members, allowing authorized personnel to review video across properties, streamlining operations.
  2. Fend off liability claims: One of the primary benefits of video surveillance solutions, and perhaps one of the most unsung, is their ability to protect business owners from fraudulent liability claims. If your company’s reputation is ever on the line, instantaneous callback and advanced search functionality can prove your innocence in no time flat.
  3. Examine customer behavior: Commercial retailers may leverage the benefits of video surveillance solutions to determine when and where their patrons are spending most of their time – and money. Such intelligence can ultimately help to reshape future game plans and drive sales.
  4. Improve productivity: Employee theft aside, businesses that implement video surveillance systems often enjoy a boost to their productivity. In-house surveillance cameras can prompt a more diligent adherence to protocols, company-wide, while integrated security measures allow employers to keep a closer eye on their teams and workspaces.

Admittedly, the benefits of video surveillance solutions may be different from business to business. Not concerned with uptime? Traditional network solutions still offer stellar clarity, storage, and state-of-the-art DVRs. Or opt for easily integrated cloud-based solutions and access your videos instantaneously from virtually anywhere in the world. Advanced search functions allow you to single out specific time frames and locales with ease. Our specialists will guide you, ensuring you don’t pay more for features you will not use or benefit from.  Contact us today to request a quote or ask about our in-house financing.