A New Year is swiftly approaching. Resolve to implement easy and effective business security measures TO protect your team, your property, and your bottom line.

Some of the most common, yet comprehensive, include:

  • Metal doors: The barrier between your business and various dangers is perhaps one of the simplest, and most overlooked, business security measures you can easily install. Durability is absolutely critical for entrances to your building that are out of the public line of sight. Stainless steel is a tried-and-true material. Hollow metal doors and door frames have also become increasingly popular and are widely used in government, factory, and commercial properties thanks to their relative ease of installation and use, and for their ability to absorb impact.
  • Alarm systems: Motion detectors, window and door units, breaking glass detectors, and so much more are must-haves for most businesses, and can be linked with central monitoring solutions to ensure the proper authorities are immediately notified in the event of a break in or crisis. Intelligent intrusion detection prevention systems can “learn” your team’s unique patterns and procedures, instantly notifying you when something out of the ordinary occurs on premises.
  • Ample lighting: There is a reason that criminality is associated with nighttime. Shadows and darkness have historically been used to cloak the activities of thieves and intruders. Don’t give them the chance. Make certain all facility access points, as well as loading docks and parking lots, are properly lit. Consider using timers to activate lights periodically. This can disorient potential thieves and/or trespassers and deter robberies and break-ins. Smart technology can also be used to keep certain rooms and points of interest illuminated based on your team’s whereabouts.
  • Video surveillance: Surveillance remains of the most important business security measures in a business owner’s arsenal, as they can ward off damages and mitigate liability concerns. CCTV units should be strategically placed in high-traffic areas and areas that are frequently targeted, such as the sales floor or loading docks. Integrated services allow for continuous monitoring, and for the dispatch of first responders in the event of a break-in or emergency
  • Visitor entry: Not only do visitor entry and management systems serve as a a deterrent to anyone who does not belong on your premises, they also allow you to track each and every person that crosses the threshold, and the reason for their visit. Ideal solutions also collect and compile data such as the duration and frequency of each individual guest’s visit.
  • Managed access control systems: Access control solutions allow owners and managers to take business security measures into their own hands! Authorize or prohibit access to their facilities; manage credentialed users and entry points; lock and unlock doors remotely; and secure elevators, lobbies, and more from an intuitive, single-user interface from an Internet-connected device from virtually anywhere in the world.

Every year, businesses spend an inordinate amount of money on tactics and tools to minimize risk and protect their assets and employees. Which is great, and exactly what everyone should be doing – within reason. But there must also be measures in place to assess the performance of your systems to ensure they are doing what they were designed for. Additionally, risk assessment should be carried out prior to installation to appropriately determine the best solutions for your facilities, in particular. Most importantly, you should find a collaborative partner who will help you develop an all-encompassing security plan, without attempting to lock  you into proprietary systems and software.


Secom, LLC can help you put the right foot forward, while determining the best business security measures for your company. Our team specializes in customizable and cost-effective business security measures that work. Our open architecture approach to doing business, which ensures our clients are never trapped into operating proprietary equipment or software. Reach out today to ask about our in-house financing.