Criminals may be a cowardly lot, but they are nothing if not persistent. We’ve all heard the horror stories, and business owners considering new security measures may be wondering: “Can burglars disable alarms?”

In the past, certain techniques like jamming frequencies or crash-and-smash methods may have been reason to give businesses pause. Today’s advanced security measures, however, ensure that those concerns are increasingly outdated. Partnering with a quality security vendor like Secom gives businesses confidence that they are implementing the best possible defenses against any would-be burglars.

The Deterrent Power of Top-Notch Alarms

First, it’s important to understand that the mere presence and posted notification of alarms serve as a significant deterrent to trespassers and crooks. The thought of being caught in the act or tracked down following a burglary attempt because of an activated alarm is enough to deter many would-be intruders. It’s a psychological strategy that plays a vital role in the security mix.

Tackling Crash-and-Smash Burglaries: Past Concerns, Present Solutions

In the past, burglars have employed a particularly unnerving method of breaking and entering referred to widely as “crash-and-smash.” The essence of this approach lies in its brazenness. The idea? Intruders violently “crash” into a property and then “smash” the alarm panel before it sends an emergency signal. At one time, that was possible due to the 30-60 second grace period alarms allowed homeowners before raising the red flags and rallying the troops.

Today’s smart-home technology, however, has been ingeniously designed to thwart such crash-and-smash attempts. Instead of merely acting as passive receivers, these systems are actively monitoring activity around the property the moment your system initiates a countdown. If the alarm goes “offline” without appropriate “disarm” or “emergency” signals being sent (due to being smashed), the system responds accordingly and alerts the monitoring station.

But there’s more. Modern, state-of-the-art security alarm equipment is designed with both anti-jamming and anti-tamper features. So even if someone tries to disable the alarm using jamming tech, these advanced systems detect such attempts and respond accordingly. With regular updates and continuous maintenance from dedicated vendors like Secom, businesses can be assured that their alarms are always in peak working condition.

The Importance of Multi-Layered Security

What happens, however, if – against all odds – one security measure, like the alarm, is compromised? This is where the beauty of a multi-layered security approach shines. Integration ensures that even if one layer is compromised for any reason, another stands ready to protect your assets. It’s not just about asking, “Can burglars disable alarms?” It’s the knowledge that even if they could, multiple contingency measures – courtesy of Secom – are already in place, ready to defend.

Are you concerned about the reliability of your current security strategy? Reach out to the Secom team today to schedule a consultation. Let us help ensure that your business remains a fortress against any potential threats.