Our Cyber Security Expert Weighs In

Cloud computing has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, saving companies time, money, and providing IT departments with a wealth of flexibility.

Unfortunately, security concerns continue to be an obstacle to widespread adoption – largely because of the perceived control an enterprise exerts over on-premise systems. The belief is that if a system is located on-site, it is far less likely to be breached than those that are housed in the cloud, where they cannot be seen or touched. That control, however, is increasingly being proven to be nothing more than an illusion, as concerns over cloud-based security systems are being shot down.

Why? Because physical control – or, more to the point, the physical location – of your data is not nearly as critical to your company’s security as the potential to access that data. In today’s marketplace, virtually every avenue leading to data is accessible, one way or another, via the Internet. And without stringent security measures in place, it is every bit as vulnerable to attack, whether it is in the cloud or on your network. 

Put simply, human error is the catalyst for breaches – not the location of your data.

In fact, most cyber breaches occur when a team member inadvertently (or – in some cases – deliberately) introduces malware to a network. The malware then travels laterally from PC to PC across the Windows domain until hackers find what they are looking for. Any alarm, access control, or video surveillance system running on one of these machines would be subject to the hack.  If those same systems were housed in the cloud, this wouldn’t be an issue. 

When you consider multiple other benefits associated with cloud-based security systems, the ideal option becomes that much clearer:  

  • They’re more proactive – Cloud-based systems are accessible on-demand and can adapt to emerging dangers and threats via automatic updates.
  • They require little to no maintenance – Your security vendor takes care of implementing all upgrades and performs all maintenance tasks. Which ultimately means…
  • They reduce your IT and security staff’s workload – Less time spent on on-premise “control” means more time spent on your company’s actual mission. 

Cloud-based security systems are also immensely scalable. Most vendors charge by use, not by license – so your company pays on an as-needed basis.

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