As a property manager, you have multiple buildings to oversee, and even more residents who rely on your quick judgment, and quicker response time. And yet the problem remains – you can’t be everywhere at once.

Or can you?

While cloud video surveillance for property management won’t make you omnipotent, it can help you monitor and even manage your facilities from a distance, and will put your mind at ease, while putting security front and center.

Cloud video surveillance solutions help by:

  • Keeping Multiple Locales in Check: With early surveillance systems, managing multiple locales was a challenge, at best, as setups were reliant on video servers and hardware on-premises. With today’s cloud-based CCTV systems, remote video can be accessed from virtually any place, at any time using a single, intuitive user interface. Multi-user permissions can also be implemented, allowing authorized users to review live or recorded video from any property access point. Surveillance cameras can even be integrated with other security solutions to provide instantaneous alerts whenever unusual activity occurs on premises.
  • Deterring Theft: The potential for burglary, trespassing, and vandalism are real problems facing most properties. The presence of strategically placed CCTV cameras can help to deter thieves. Consider integrating with motion and thermal sensors, which trigger recording functions when movement and heat signatures are present, maximizing your video storage. Additionally, many of today’s cloud video surveillance systems record in high-def, allowing for easier identification of perpetrators.
  • Helping you watch your back (and everyone else’s): Unfortunate, but true – we live and work in a litigious society, and fraudulent liability claims are par for the course in the property management industry. Protect yourself, your employees, and your tenants. Cloud video surveillance for property management can provide critical proof necessary to ward off liability claims. Unlike traditional CCTV systems, footage is available at your fingertips thanks to state-of-the-art search functionality, and more robust storage options ensure you have the video you need when you need it.
  • Providing flexibility and peace of mind: Because cloud-based video surveillance does not require expensive hardware on-site, they are far more flexible, and easily upgraded to fit the needs of your various locations. Complex installs are a thing of the past, and storage can be scaled to meet your needs, from a week to more than a year.

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