Complacency, confusion, pride, and procrastination. Hackers are all too eager to prey upon the deadly sins of businesses and their employees in order to gain access to sensitive, lucrative data. If you think you’re immune, think again. As a matter of fact, that’s the number one error on our list of cybersecurity SNAFUS that companies make, putting themselves at incredible risk.

  1. Thinking You’re the Exception: The number one mistake most companies make regarding cyber-attacks is believing a breach can never happen to them. Never assume you’re not a target. Companies of all sizes and structures are vulnerable to hacks. Sure, the big stories about Personally Identifiable Information and credit card data theft make the news. But cybercrime is prolific in every nook and cranny of industry, as hackers weasel their way inside unguarded systems and abscond with the most precious of treasures: information. Names, numbers, customer purchasing habits, you name it. In fact, small to mid-sized companies have become prime targets, because hackers know smaller companies often do not have the funds or resources to implement exemplary security. Cyber-attacks can even target a company’s physical assets, which can be debilitating. These attacks can level networks, wiping out a company’s ability to communicate with customers or pay its employees. No one is immune. But everyone can take steps to protect themselves.
  2. Passing the Buck to IT: Yes, your IT department may very well be spearheading your company’s cybersecurity efforts, at large, but protecting your organization’s data is the responsibility of every single employee, from entry-level personnel to C-suite executives. Training should be prioritized to educate all team members in the identification of threats, the prevention of attacks, and the protection of company assets.
  3. Not Updating Software Regularly: Speaking of your IT team, what are they all sitting around for?! Obviously, no organization is impervious to all hacks. Networks are simply too large, and therefore vulnerable. That being said, not updating your software on a routine basis is the equivalent of posting a “Please Burglarize Me” sign on your front window or Facebook page. Ensure your company implements a foolproof firewall and the latest security software – and then stay current. Your IT department is responsible for instituting policies and protocols to ensure continuous software updates.
  4. Leaving it All Up to the Anti-Virus: Ah, antivirus programs – at one time they were the Looney Tunes bulldog to a wayward hackers’ Sylvester the Cat. Well, times they are a changing. Believe it or not, less than 40 percent of today’s cyberattacks are attached to malware. In fact, phishing scams have become far more prominent and sophisticated, baiting unsuspecting users with fake links and attachments. Guarding the perimeter is no longer sufficient. You must be on the alert for malicious activity at all times while monitoring system endpoints for potential intruders. Continuous monitoring is essential in today’s world. Don’t make yourself an easy target.
  5. Make Your Peace with One Simple Fact: If you are running a business through which computer connectivity is part of day to day operation – you will eventually, ultimately, at some point in time in the not too distant future – be hacked. The important thing is to have a plan in place for when it happens, and a cybersecurity team who can ensure you are back up and running without delay.

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