Choosing a security system to safeguard your business’s personnel, guests, and assets should never be an impromptu decision.

Secom wants our customers to be informed. Our headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, is outfitted with a state-of-the-art demo room that allows customers uninterrupted time and space to conduct thorough research on all safeguards and security measures we offer. From access control to video surveillance and beyond, we regularly welcome prospects to schedule some hands-on time with an investment that could ultimately mean the difference between life and death.

Sometimes, managers make the error of rushing into the most expensive, flashiest, and talked-up tech on the market, without spending any time with the system itself.

It’s a mistake. And potentially a costly one.

According to industry studies, the average lifespan of a security system is 12 years. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Secom wants to help business owners make the right decision for their business security. That is the main goal of the Secom Demo Room. Think about the significance of such a commitment – and how things may have changed since your systems were initially installed:

  • Technological Advancements: Over 12 years, technology can advance by leaps and bounds. New features, capabilities, and efficiencies are introduced that older systems might not support. Upgrades ensure that the security system utilizes the most sophisticated technology available.
  • Compatibility with New Devices: Newer security systems are often designed to interface with the latest smart devices and mobile technologies, offering better integration and user experience. Older systems may lack this compatibility, making an upgrade necessary for seamless operation.
  • Wear and Tear: Physical components of a security system, like surveillance cameras, sensors, and wiring, can degrade over time. A system that has been in place for 12 years may be prone to malfunctions or reduced performance, which can compromise security.
  • Manufacturer Support and Updates: Manufacturers may stop supporting legacy systems, meaning no more software updates or technical assistance. This can leave the system vulnerable to security risks and compatibility issues.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Over time, regulations and standards for security systems may change. An older system may not comply with current standards, potentially leading to legal or insurance-related issues.
  • Cost Efficiency: While upgrading a system involves upfront costs, newer systems – like those offered by Secom – often offer greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs, leading to savings in the long run.

While “the other security guys” may simply be looking to make a sale, Secom wants to make sure we educate our consumers, helping you make the best long-term decision for your business, its future, and the people who rely on it.

Making informed decisions takes time. That’s why we allow potential customers to fully peruse our wares in our cutting-edge demo room.  This amazing space is outfitted with the same tech we use in every SCIF we install for government agencies, from the dual authentication card reader that permits access to the experience, to a DMP keypad, sensors above and below the ceiling, and so much more.

A server capable of handling all of Secom’s security products outputs to a workstation of four monitors. Here, our team can pull up any system a potential client may be interested in, giving them free rein to tinker and “test drive” to their hearts’ content.

There are so many more things a security system can be used for in today’s technologically advanced society. Surveillance cameras are no longer solely used to pull up video coverage of archived events. These evolving data tools can implement heat maps, allowing businesses to see where individuals congregated over a certain period, or even pinpoint how many visitors utilized a certain entrance.

As your trusted security partner for over 20 years, we implore all customers to come to our offices and do their homework. Order lunch for your team and we’ll leave you to it. We’ll shut the door and give you peace and privacy to interact with our products and services – no strings attached. Here, you will get a true feel for what we offer – and how Secom can better help your business be secure.