It’s a tale as old as time: cave painting vs. palette; cassette vs. CD; VHS vs. Betamax vs. DVD vs. BluRay vs. every new streaming network announced with each passing day.

Security is no different. One of the biggest differences between cloud-based and on-premise CCTV systems involves the media used to capture data.   

Cloud-based video surveillance systems do not rely on onsite hardware such as video servers, hard drives or SD memory cards. With cloud-based surveillance, video is streamed to a remote server that may be thousands of miles away.

This is largely seen as one of the method’s most winning attributes. No longer do users need to worry about defective or damaged physical media. All recordings are monitored and managed by a third-party team of trained professionals.

On-premise video surveillance systems, on the other hand, are typically installed on the customer’s LAN, behind the firewall. They tend to cost more upfront but do not require monthly hosting charges, and only use bandwidth for remote viewing purposes. 

Network-based solutions tend to offer impeccable, high-definition clarity and abundant storage thanks to state-of-the-art DVRs. They can often prove to be more effective in the long-run for companies that are not overtly concerned with uptime.

That being said, due to their convenience and low operating costs, cloud-based systems are increasingly being implemented in businesses both large and small. Their instant scalability helps to cut down on labor and equipment needs, while providing immediate notification to users when things are awry.

Additional benefits of a Cloud-Based CCTV System include:

  • Simple, straightforward installation. Plug and play infrastructure allows you to customize with as many cameras as needed, with no wires or recorders to manage.
  • Lower cost of ownership. Minimal monthly fees provide around-the-clock service.
  • Reduced reliance on an IT staff. With the cloud, there are no on-site servers, hardware, or software to maintain or repair.
  • Added peace of mind. No physical media means no worries regarding theft or loss. In addition, automatic notifications are sent in the event of disconnection.
  • Enhanced scalability. Cloud-based systems allow you to upgrade units at any time to meet your company’s specific needs. From one camera to 100 – there are no additional hardware costs.
  • Instantaneous updates. Backups are made in real-time, in the cloud, keeping your surveillance systems current, continuously.
  • Simple remote viewing and management. Search and access videos in a matter of seconds from anywhere in the world. Save video clips to your desktop and share them with authorized team members.  
  • Seamless integration. Cloud-based systems can work with your existing systems and technology, reducing waste and saving you money. 

Whatever your surveillance needs, Secom LLC can offer you countless ways to keep an eye on your property. Want to bring your business into focus? Contact us today to request a quote or ask about our in-house financing.