At Secom, we hear the most troubling things regarding the dangers of DIY security.

“My architect just threw in my security system during construction, so that’s what we’re using.”

“My IT director handled our electronic locking hardware. It’s ok. He’s done it before.”

“It’s just a CCTV system. What’s the worst that could happen?”

And, sure – you can try to secure your building by yourself. It’s probably going to cost quite a bit, and the odds are predominantly against you that the job is going to be up to standards.

If that sounds dangerous, it is.

When business owners arrange for non-licensed professionals to “take care” of their security, problems inevitably ensue.

All too often, what Secom’s specialists find – after the fact – are DIY security projects where the electronic locks don’t match the doors or the door frames – or where alarm security contacts have been set up incorrectly.

More often than not, a project comes completely to fruition, and by the time we’ve been called in for another matter entirely – or, more likely, to troubleshoot why an alarm system isn’t arming properly – we’re scratching our heads wondering what exactly went south.

And here’s the worst part: We’ve seen situations in which scrapping it all and starting anew has cost businesses more than $100K; a ridiculously large sum that could have completely been avoided with just a couple of hours and Secom’s thorough design-build process.

Not only that, but in some cases if your company installs a system incorrectly, and an incident occurs, you could be held liable due to improper installation, and ultimately on the hook for any associated monetary damages.

Here are some other DIY security pitfalls to consider:

  • You forfeit all fully managed services: When you go the DIY route, you also eschew continuous monitoring services that would otherwise apply. If something goes awry at your business, not only will you not receive instant notification, but authorities and emergency crews cannot be dispatched by a central monitoring crew.
  • Maintenance gets monotonous: Just like continuous monitoring and other fully managed services, DIY security systems do not come with maintenance plans. You accept responsibility for maintaining those systems regularly. No support, no covered repairs – it’s all you.
  • You might be the company that cried wolf: False alarms are more frequent with DIY security. Why? Improper installation is the leading cause. And when the police and emergency crews show up on your doorstep for the umpteenth time, you may be facing penalties and fees.

Trust us: DIY security almost never turns out the way business owners are hoping. Consult with professionals before taking a chance on your property’s protection and your employees’ well-being.

Secom prides itself on offering better, cleaner, easier installation. Our comprehensive design-build process is powered by more than 50 years of experience in the security industry.

Our responsive, 24-hour customer service distinguishes us from leading competitors, as does our open architecture approach to doing business. Our clients are never, ever trapped into operating proprietary equipment or software.

The Secom team also regularly provides full support for commercial security monitoring services provided by other vendors.

Contact us today to learn how our design-build process can help you.