As the shutdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated, an updated company vendor list is crucial during an unpredictable crisis, when situations and needs can change every moment.

When time is of the essence, your business’ success and safety may depend on your ability to call up critical contact information without any delay.

A comprehensive company vendor list should include the following phone numbers and email addresses (where applicable):

  • Emergency Response Team – First, be sure to create a comprehensive list of your team members, including their responsibilities in an emergency situation. Consider creating a separate listing for your facility manager, as he or she knows the ins and outs of your buildings and can be invaluable for site-specific concerns.
  • Utilities – Mitigate potential damages by having the following contacts at the ready:
  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Water
  • First Responders – Of course, 911 is the default emergency number for everyone, but it is also important to include information for the following first responders.
    • Fire
    • Police/law enforcement
    • Ambulance/EMT
  • Restoration: Protect your property and all assets in the event of flood, fire, water damage, and more by listing all related restoration specialists.
  • Insurance: Be certain to list your claims hotline, as well as your policy number.
  • IT: All of your business’s data and software, and the means to access it, will be paramount if an emergency evacuation is deemed necessary.

Additional contacts can/should include your legal team, financial advisors, assorted business consultants, and even your marketing company.

It is equally important to provide your physical security provider with a company vendor list and keep them apprised of any changes or modifications. In certain emergency situations it is likely that your security provider could take action before your own team. An up-to-date vendor list will be essential in preventing any confusion or error.

Secom, LLC specializes in preparing businesses and agencies for emergency situations. For a complete company vendor list, and other preparedness essentials, download our COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Checklist today.