Knock-knock. It’s your favorite door entry systems installer. Have you followed through with your resolution to implement better business safeguards this year? We have some door entry systems to implement that will take your security to another level.

For business owners, security must be a year-round priority. There’s no doubt about that. But there are also reasons that you’ll want to bring your A-game come spring when the flowers – and the thieves – come out to play.

It’s one of those “stands to reason” sorts of things, but did you know burglaries are more likely to occur in the warmer months? It’s true. Studies have suggested that warmer weather correlates to an increase in crime rate. And according to the U.S. Department of Justice, violent crimes follow a distinct seasonal pattern, with a significant increase during the summer months.

The point? We may be in the thick of winter at the moment, but time flies. All too frequently, so do businesses’ intentions of integrating or upgrading their security measures when they’re in the midst of the holidays and the resulting follow-through.

Warmer weather is coming. Here are just three safeguards to implement before the ground thaws.

  1. Get your head in the cloud: Quality access control systems installed by a legitimate security vendor are imperative for any commercial or retail business, with needs varying based on size, structure, and foot traffic. But one thing most security professionals can agree on is that cloud-based access control gives owners and managers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Access one door or 1,000 using any Internet-connected device, arm doors at any office whether you’re across the street or the country, and grant authorizations with a few quick clicks. Better yet, a quality vendor will be able to seamlessly integrate your cloud-based systems with other safeguards, such as smart thermostats, alarm systems, and so much more.
  2. Consider mobile credentials: There are myriad credentialing options available to you when it comes to professional door entry systems: Fobs, keycards, photo ID badges, and more. All have their charms – and their place – depending on your business’s unique needs. That being said, traditional options do have certain limitations. If you change locks, keycards must be reprogrammed, and new PIN numbers processed, issued, and documented. Lost keys continue to be a nuisance for companies – and an expensive one, at that, and the potential for misuse is high. But almost everyone owns a smartphone today – and is inherently invested in its protection and whereabouts. Mobile credentials available via a secure app give your team optimal convenience, while ultimately delivering long-term cost-savings for you.
  3. Boost your surveillance in time for spring: Take advantage today of advanced surveillance tech that allows for footage review in real-time, seamless access control integration, and license plate recognition software that can pinpoint the make, model, and number of a trespassing or trouble-making vehicle. It’s all possible with state-of-the-art cloud-based video surveillance.

The bottom line? Don’t give door entry systems and other security measures the cold shoulder in these colder months. Take steps now to implement cutting-edge contingencies and protect your assets throughout the year.

Secom can help you:

  • Manage multiple locations and readers simultaneously (control one door or 100)
  • Create mobile credentials on the fly from any Internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.
  • Program-specific alerts, alarms, and actions
  • Lock/unlock doors remotely
  • Do away with perimeter keys (and the replacement and rekeying expenses that come with them)
  • Integrate all security systems and help your workforce work smarter, faster, more efficiently, and more comfortably!

The sun is shining on opportunities to protect your business. Reach out to our team today.