Slowly but surely, workforces are returning to offices across the country following gradual re-openings and eased restrictions following the pandemic.

It’s a process, and one that will be hallmarked by uncertainty and many precautions. Masks will be worn, distances will be kept, and highly trafficked surfaces will be a challenge, initially, as the world navigates the best way of doing business once again.

During these initial stages, managing office and property security will become more important than ever for business owners, who will need to make sure certain protocols are followed to keep employees, customers, and tenants safe and healthy. A frictionless return to the office will likely require:

  • Mitigating common touchpoints in communal areas.
  • Implementing remote unlocking capabilities and instant guest credentials.
  • Making certain lockdown procedures can be activated from virtually anywhere in the world.

Hands-free access will be a pivotal piece of the puzzle, and premier physical security vendors are already devising “frictionless” solutions to make these steps possible.

Secom, LLC, is leading the charge, with Bluetooth readers that are capable of recognizing employee smartphones, before sending commands to an automatic door opener to provide seamless, contactless entry.

For added security, our team can then integrate this cutting-edge system with CCTV solutions, allowing your system to initiate a comparison between the person attempting to retrieve access with a photo stored in your company database.

Eliminating the need to touch a door handle in areas such as front lobbies, elevators, and more, will be paramount as we continue to social distance and quell, and ultimately eliminate, the spread of COVID-19.

SECOM can also help your workforce enjoy a frictionless return to the office with the following safety and security measures:

  • Mobile credentials that eliminate the need for touch-heavy and frequently shared keycards and badges.
  • Around the clock remote management to accommodate varying schedules and work-from-home employees, while still permitting access to team members, delivery people, and maintenance crews.
  • Automated technology that employs a user-intuitive access system from any smartphone, tablet, or Internet connected device.

As a critical infrastructure business, SECOM, LLC, remained open for business throughout the pandemic, and has witnessed firsthand the initial precautions that will need to be taken as the world gradually pursues a sense of normalcy, and ultimately a return to solid ground.

Our trucks are on the road and ready to support any business or government agency in need, from small business security measures to the installation of SCIFs and secure areas. Contact us today to find out how we can help.