All together now: “I’m dreaming of a white (noise) Christmas…”

We’ll work on it.

Distributed using hidden speakers, government sound masking solutions add ambient noise to a room, making it seem somehow quieter.

Colloquially called “white noise” or “pink noise,” this meticulously engineered sound – barely noticeable by the human ear – is designed to unobtrusively match the audio frequency of a human voice and can even be tuned to fit a client’s unique requests.

Though sound masking originated in dental offices, military, federal, and law enforcement agencies rank among the biggest users today, with implementation in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) increasingly prominent.

Give your FSO the gift of a silent night this holiday season with government sound masking solutions courtesy of Secom.

Consider the benefits:

  • Improved concentration: Noise distraction remains one of the leading causes of decreased productivity in government office environments. By reducing the chatter, the shuffling, the stapling, the sighing, and the tapping of keyboards, employees will be able to ignore the din of federal clamor and focus more on the mission at hand. In turn, this will lead to improved efficiency and cost savings for your agency as a whole.
  • Increased security: Particularly in SCIFs, government sound masking solutions can be used to raise the overall ambient noise level to cover up conversations and other sounds to prevent sensitive and classified data from being compromised. Pink noise is also used to reduce echoes in a SCIF, serving as an additional safeguard against outside recording devices.
  • A sound financial future: Implementing a government sound masking solution can also help your agency save money on construction costs associated with building new SCIFs. By using acoustic treatments and managed systems to control noise levels inside existing facilities, agencies frequently can avoid having to build completely new structures to house secure operations.

Secom integrates tomorrow’s technology to effectively address today’s challenges. We specialize in government sound masking solutions that never damper or hinder the sound quality in your secure area or closed room in any way. Our tech is designed to prevent prying eyes and ears from ascertaining any secrets or sensitive data present, while our door and window masking services and ductwork sensors implement low-level white noise to drown out interloping listening devices and other espionage attempts.

Sound good? Give our team a call to learn more.