Criminals don’t hold down 9 to 5 jobs. They’re constantly on the prowl, searching for the smallest opportunities, seeking the most minute vulnerabilities – that will allow them to strike. This means the security measures you implement for your business or government agency must be at their best at all hours of the day. Most importantly, they should be overseen by vigilant professionals who have extensive experience in the field. Here are six questions that you should ask when hiring a security professional:

  1. How many years of experience do you have? Longevity is a good sign when hiring a security professional; a decade or more in business typically signifies the company has done right by their clients. But, perhaps more important than years in operation is the cumulative experience of the security team. Look for a firm that demonstrates both.
  2. Are you fully licensed and insured? State and local jurisdictions have different standards for security professionals. When hiring a security professional, carefully review all certifications and credentials.
  3. What training have your employees received? Keeping current with industry standards and legislation is paramount for professional security companies and their crews. Finding a team that has been cross trained in all aspects of security also ensures a more comprehensive and balanced approach.
  4. What is your average response time? Your alarm system can work perfectly – but if there’s no subsequent rush to action on your security company’s behalf, then you may as well invest in a really big dog.
  5. Are your systems proprietary? It’s important you understand exactly what you’re purchasing and getting involved in. Many security companies push equipment and software that can ONLY be serviced by their crews and cannot be integrated with any outside systems. If you decide to switch security firms down the road but are already entangled with proprietary devices – you’re simply out of luck (or at least on the hook for a new setup.)
  6. Do you offer integration services? While you may only be seeking video surveillance or access control solutions at the moment, your security needs may change over time. Take the time to find a security company who can not only offer you every protective measure you may ever need as a company – but one who can also easily integrate with any current security systems you may already have.

Are you hiring a security professional? Secom stands ready to protect your property, data, and assets. Our security team draws on 50 years of design, installation, and service experience, and regularly provides businesses and government agencies throughout the nation with state-of-the-art security solutions. We offer 24-hour customer service and a true open architecture approach to doing business, which ensures our clients are never trapped into operating proprietary equipment or software.

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