Do you know how and when your facility is being utilized? Professionally installed access controls for your property can help you keep track of every visitor, every access point, and every corner of your business – including the coffers.

Here are just four ways implementing access controls can help you to reduce costs and increase profits:

  1. Lost Keys. It happens. Like, all the time. Lost key cards and key fobs can cost a company hundreds if not thousands of dollars in re-keying expenses. Whereas implementing access control for your company can allow a manager or administrator to simply delete the lost credential from the system, eliminating the need for pricey damage control.
  2. Late Employees. Access control systems can help you identify those problematic individuals who are consistently late for work and are slowly beginning to draw others into their orbit of tardiness. By offering up solid evidence that a problem exists, corrective measures can be issued, and your company’s time and money can be salvaged.
  3. Integrated systems. Implementing access control and integrating it with your lights and thermostats can also save your business or property a great deal of money. Integrated systems allow for the automatic adjustment of such utilities based on which rooms and areas are being utilized.
  4. Safety Breeds Productivity. Implementing access controls can help to bolster your employees’ sense of physical security, which directly correlates to job satisfaction. And studies have shown – and common sense would dictate – that employees who are happy and satisfied are more productive, more punctual, and more profitable.

At Secom, our network and cloud-based access control systems offer a doorway to better, simpler security.

Our flexible and scalable options boost efficiency and help you keep close tabs on multiple entry points. Better yet, you can pay only for the features you want and need, and keep your property safe, secure, and visible 24 hours a day. Contact us today to learn more.