Between repeated calls for their defunding, mounting social unrest, and day to day responsibilities in the midst of a pandemic, law enforcement officials have had their hands full in recent months. Meanwhile, as the country takes steps and precautions to recover from a world-altering event, crime has not ceased. If anything, it has escalated.

In fact, The Washington Post reports that commercial burglaries were on the rise in many areas throughout the pandemic. With fewer work forces and crews on-premises during shutdown, criminals tended to target properties that were temporarily shuttered.

Regardless of politics, given the current climate – and the resulting potential for increased response times – commercial business owners may be wise to fortify their existing security procedures and technology.

Simple, strategic intrusion detection and access control systems can go a long way toward preventing debilitating losses from burglary and theft.

Business owners can keep a trained eye on their properties from virtually any place on earth using integrated security systems paired with an intuitive user interface accessible via mobile device or laptop:

Entrusting your business’s security measures to Secom, LLC, can solve a number of issues simultaneously:

  • Reduces the risk of false alarms.
  • Protects your reputation as a safe place to do business.
  • Custom alerts notify owners whenever alarms or sensors are triggered, allowing them to immediate review CCTV footage
  • Managed Services provide access to a 24-hour monitoring station, where triggered alarms are assessed, and proper authorities are notified – ensuring prompt, professional response.

With more than 50 years of experience, Secom, LLC, is always on the job. Our team offers a multifaceted approach to protecting your perimeter and property, and our specialists can help you develop the ultimate security plan. Contact us today to request a quote and ask about our in-house financing.