Prior to installing security solutions you need to ask yourself some things.

CCTV? Check.

Mobile credentials? Check.

Smart thermostats? Yup.

How about efficiency? Satisfied customers? Employee morale… Well. Some things don’t fit so neatly inside that little square box.

When you’re installing security solutions, it’s important not to think of the process as a “checklist.”  Far too many businesses and organizations fall prey to this way of thinking, and in the process waste a tremendous amount of money while inadvertently placing their assets at risk.

Instead, approach security as you would while solving any other problem in your line of work.

Ask yourself one question – the No. 1 question:

What do I hope to accomplish with my security plan?

It’s a big topic, to be sure – and addressing it requires time and effort. The good news is that a trusted security vendor can help steer you in the right direction following a consultation, while carefully taking your budget and existing functionality under advisement.

  • In the wake of a year-plus pandemic, your company may be in the market for touchless technology that allows your patrons and team members to access your facilities in a hands-free manner, minimizing the spread of germs.
  • Large institutions, like college campuses, may realize that their legacy access control systems are way past their expiration date, and seek to make widespread changes to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • So many other organizations are finally making the leap to cloud-based security solutions, as they require little maintenance, are updated automatically, and significantly reduce the need for on-site IT.

Keep in mind that regardless of your industry, your security needs will no doubt grow and change over time.

Scalability is a critical consideration when installing security solutions, as this quality allows you to upgrade when business is booming and take a step or two back in the event of a dry spell.

Integration, too, is an important component of any comprehensive security plan. When multiple security solutions – surveillance, access control, visitor entry, etc. – work in tandem, they provide optimal coverage and increased efficiency at a lower cost.

Secom can help you determine your business’ unique needs before installing security solutions. We will not waste your money or your time. Our specialists handle each and every job with the same care and meticulous attention to detail, whether arming a SCIF for one of our government contracting clients or installing surveillance systems for a grocery store, and our customers are never, ever locked into long term contracts for proprietary equipment. Reach out to us today to learn more.