Instant mobile credentials are the future of access control, allowing business owners and managers unparalleled freedom and flexibility regarding the comings and goings of guests, vendors, and employees. Contemporary systems give facility operators the power to create mobile credentials on the fly, lock or unlock doors with only a keystroke from virtually any place in the world, and so much more.

Better yet, instant mobile credentials eliminate wasted time and wasted gas money. Consider the benefits:

  1. No more long drives to let someone inside: Remember those late nights, awakened in the wee hours by an urgent call from a team member requesting property access? Or – worse – that frantic call coming in during a dinner party or a family vacation? Using instant mobile credentials, you can grant access from across the globe, if necessary, after confirming the request is from authorized personnel.
  2. No more waiting for the cavalry to arrive. Whether you’re at the right place at the wrong time, or there were unfortunate crossed wires and miscommunication, sometimes you’re the bewildered party standing at a locked door, smartphone in hand, waiting for the powers-that-be to get back to you regarding entry. We’ve all been there. Good news: if your professional colleagues are using instant mobile credentials, they can grant you quick access via a downloadable app, like mentioned above, or even pulse the door open from wherever in the world they happen to be.
  3. No more vulnerabilities: Physical media is costly, cumbersome, and a chore to process and print for thousands of team members. But most importantly, keycards can be lost, stolen, forgotten, and misused. However, everyone carries a smartphone or cell phone of some kind, most with built-in security measures that prevent strangers and thieves from accessing personal data and applications. Even if forcefully reset, an access control failsafe prevents thieves from using the app.

Access control systems that make instant mobile credentials possible can change the way we work, relax, and thrive as safe, secure businesses. Secom specializes in security solutions that can be accessed via a user-intuitive interface from virtually anywhere in the world. Contact us to set up a consultation and redefine the way you succeed.