Keeping your cool is a big part of keeping your company safe.

Think about it: the temperature rises in your office or workplace to unnatural levels, and suddenly your sweaty workforce can no longer concentrate. Soon, the slip-ups begin. The front desk, busy fanning themselves, allows a few unauthorized tailgaters to traipse through the lobby and into your building, your manager forgets to arm the security system before leaving for the evening, and before long intruders are enjoying your AC free of charge, set on full blast.

It’s an exaggeration, obviously – but it’s not too much of a stretch.

A comfortable, cohesive environment is critical to your security plan firing on all cylinders. Integrating a smart thermostat can help you keep your team and your customers cool this summer while maximizing your resources and saving you money and time.

Better yet, today’s cloud-based systems are available to you 24-hours a day via a user-intuitive interface accessible via any Internet-connected device, allowing you to make spur of the moment adjustments or authorizations with just a few quick clicks.

Consider the benefits of integrating a smart thermostat with your existing security measures and lighting:

  • Maintain consistency: With today’s workforce a hybrid of remote staff and in-person employees, the concept of a 9 am. To 5 p.m. workday has been turned on its head for many businesses. A smart thermostat can help you ensure a steady, even temperature for your building and its unique needs. You can create custom schedules for each day of the week, as well as holidays and other occurrences. Program the system to shut off when no one is on-site or to readjust when you activate the door locks for the evening. Built-in analytics will even allow you to gauge your usage and make necessary adjustments.
  • Safeguard your property – and your people: Smart thermostat sensors can be set up in important, but low-traffic, areas such as storerooms and showcases to keep temperatures consistent and protect precious inventory from damage. Many thermostats can also be set to shut off automatically to limit circulation if carbon monoxide or smoke are detected in your workspace.
  • Protect your bottom line: Perhaps the biggest, and most popular, reason to integrate a smart thermostat with your security measures is that you can efficiently reduce your utility bills. New technology allows systems to tap into real-time weather conditions and adjust the temperature of your office accordingly, saving you cash when the summer heat spikes. Sensors in different rooms can also help you manage comfort more precisely. Your waiting room or lobby, for instance, can be set to accommodate high traffic patterns.

Don’t let mounting utility bills get you hot under the collar this summer. Talk to a trusted security vendor about integrating a smart thermostat with your existing systems. Secom can help. Call us at 301-210-0022 to learn more.