Whether you’re a property manager, a small business owner, or the facilitator of a commercial or industrial complex, keeping your eye trained on your assets, your employees, and your bottom line simultaneously is a 24-hour a day job.

Imagine. Wouldn’t it be nice to…

  • Operate at peak efficiency at all times.
  • Arm and/or disarmall systems remotely.
  • Receive instantaneous alerts when alarms or systems are triggered.
  • Access video footage and review in real-timeto pinpoint the cause of an alert.
  • Save time, money, and resources!

Integrated security solutions can make all of this, and so much more, possible.

Here are just four benefits of seeking out a quality security vendor to bring your access control, alarm systems, and surveillance under one powerhouse of an umbrella:

  1. One install, one price:Integrated security solutions require just one primary installation, eliminating the need for multiple setups and pocket-draining fees and charges. Bonus: Opt to have your lighting and HVAC synced with security measures, and significantly cut utility costs with automated schedules.
  1. Seamless scalability. Add or subtract services and systems on a whim based on your business’s changing needs and pay only for those you require at any given time. Most importantly, a skilled security advisor will be capable of integrating new systems into your current plan with no issues.
  1. Enhanced productivity. Integrated security solutions help employers keep a closer eye on their teams and workspaces. This continuous monitoring ultimately helps to boost performance AND employee satisfaction simultaneously.
  2. Less confusion. Integrated security solutions work in conjunction with a single, user-intuitive interface, accessible from any place at any time. What this means is that reports and additional data are sourced from one central hub, instead of scattered locations and divisions, streamlining processes and mitigating miscommunication.

Integrated security solutions synergize commercial and industrial safeguards such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and more. This integration can help you prevent theft, increase productivity, and manage facilities simply and swiftly from virtually anywhere in the world at any time using an Internet connected device. Secom has more than 50 years of experience equipping property managers with better ways to protect their assets. Chat with a live agent online now or request a quote.