Today’s commercial businesses face myriad threats. Break-ins, burglaries, vandalism, cyberattacks, and more hail not only from the outside world, but often from within one’s own organization.

At the same time, business owners must protect their employees, their property, and their assets, while simultaneously delivering impeccable customer service to their clientele.

Integrated security systems bring commercial safeguards such as access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection under one umbrella. This synchronization can help your commercial business to:

  1. Reduce spending: With integrated security systems, you will pay for one primary installation. You will not have to hassle with multiple setups and related fees or charges. HVAC and lighting systems can also be integrated, and automated schedules and presets can significantly reduce your company’s utility costs. 
  2. Achieve scalability. New services and systems can be added at a moment’s notice, and just as easily removed to fit the needs of your commercial business.Pay only for the services you require and upgrade – or downgrade – at any time.
  3. Improve organization and workflow. With systems integration, detailed security reports and other data will now flow from one central hub accessible from an intuitive user interface, instead of multiple sectors and divisions. This centralization cuts down on confusion and miscommunication considerably.
  4. Prevent theft. Systems integration also allows authorized personnel to monitor multiple sites simultaneously, in real time, from any location using virtually any Internet-connected device. Alarms can also be seamlessly integrated with CCTV and/or access control systems to provide the ultimate security solution.
  5. Arm and disarm any and all intrusion alarm systems remotely.
  6. Receive customized text or email alerts when alarms are triggered and access CCTV cameras to determine cause.
  7. View video footage in real-time of everyone coming and going from your business.
  8. Increase productivity. Integrated security systems allow for enhanced employee monitoring, which ultimately yields improved productivity for your commercial business. Employees who realize they are being monitored are incentivized to toe the line. Job performance rises, employee satisfaction follows, and workplace productivity soars.
  9. Utilize existing systems. An ideal security contractor will be able to seamlessly integrate new security services with your current infrastructure.

Secom, LLC, regularly provides commercial companies with state-of-the-art integrated security systems. Our technicians have more than 50 years of security design, implementation, and service experience. We will help you craft custom physical and cyber security plans for your business.

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