There was a time when an intercom was merely the way a receptionist alerted the company president to a pending meeting or an urgent telephone call.

Over the span of 40+ years, however, intercoms have risen in the ranks to become an integral part of any commercial security and/or access control system. Today, intercoms are utilized at schools, universities, government facilities, commercial businesses, and even parking lots – where they provide immediate access to a security team.

Far too many business owners install access control systems on their lobby door, and then keep it locked 24/7. When visitors arrive, the receptionist must walk to the door and open it to speak to them. This defeats the purpose of the access control system entirely. Intercoms integrated with a camera, doorbell, and release mechanism are essential in today’s unpredictable world. A receptionist should be able to see and speak to a visitor from a remote location, while the door remains locked. If the visitor is permitted entry, one press of a button unlocks the door.  

Additional benefits of intercoms for small and commercial businesses include:

  • Expedience: Phone calls, emails, and texts are not always noticed and/or answered immediately. Coworkers and employees walk away from their desks, smartphones are occasionally out of reach when charging, and occasionally these messages are outright ignored. Intercoms for small and commercial businesses provide immediacy, ensuring your important and urgent messages are received, loud and clear.
  • Efficiency. Because an intercom does not require personnel to pick up their smartphone or click away from their work, they are less disruptive to the workflow, overall.
  • Reach. Intercoms allow you to communicate with everyone throughout your office or facility at the same time, which is ideal in situations for which email is not appropriate, such as alerting staff to a scheduled fire drill.
  • Security. When integrated with a CCTV system, intercoms can help to prevent guests and unauthorized employees from entering restricted areas.  Fully-integrated intercoms also help to discourage trespassers, would-be thieves, and more by requesting that anyone attempting to enter your building to identify themselves first.
  • Safety. In the event of an emergency, front desk and/or security personnel can help to guide visitors to safety.

By implementing intercoms for your small or commercial business, Secom can help you create a safer, more secure environment for employees and guests, alike, while boosting your reputation as a conscientious employer. Call us today at 301-210-0022 to request a quote.