If you think about it, even Dracula’s castle had a moat.

And if the world’s most infamous and feared vampire was taking precautions – shouldn’t your business do the same?

Additional security, of course, is on everyone’s mind as we head into the final days before Halloween. And discouraging costumed vandals from roping your storefront in toilet paper, dousing your parking lot in egg yolks, or getting a little too close for comfort is a valid reason to install an intrusion detection system.

But real-life monsters – those who are continuously on the prowl for an easy target – do not take a holiday. Nationwide, victims of property crimes like burglary suffered losses of approximately $16.4 billion last year.

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to an intrusion detection system this Halloween, and let it do the trick of keeping your business safe all year long.

Intelligent intrusion detection systems can immediately notify you when anything unusual occurs on your property, and often include a combination of the following solutions:

  • Motion detection systems
  • Photoelectric beam detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Window and doors alarms

Secom’s intrusion detection systems (IDS) have proven extremely effective in a number of commercial markets, including automotive, retail, education, banking, manufacturing, and more.

Our IDS systems:

  • Provide peace of mind for customers and employees, alike.
  • Reinforce your reputation as a safe, secure place to work and do business.
  • Significantly reduce false alarms, saving you time and stress.
  • Are easily integrated with your company’s existing security systems, such as access control and video surveillance, to provide multi-level security:
    • Receive customized email alerts when alarms are triggered and immediately view CCTV footage to identify cause.
    • Arm and disarm all IDS systems using our intuitive user interface from any desktop or mobile device.
    • When integrated with other systems such as heat and temperature sensors, our IDS solutions can alert you to floods, fire, and certain medical emergencies.
    • With packaged with managed services, triggered alarms will send a signal to our 24-hour monitoring station, who will assess the situation and alert the proper authorities.

Our systems are always on the job, and we offer a layered approach to guarding your perimeter and property, resulting in the ultimate security plan. Contact us today to request a quote and ask about our in-house financing.

Oh – and Happy Halloween!