License plate recognition surveillance cameras have proven to be essential safeguards for businesses of all sizes, as they allow property managers to easily access and review identifying numbers on automobiles that are parked or in motion, all while accounting for variables like speed, sunlight, weather conditions, and more.

Here are just four ways license plate recognition can help you protect your business’s bottom line while making certain the bad guys don’t get away.

  1. They provide an eagle-eye view: Just like quality access control and entry management systems, surveillance measures outfitted with license plate recognition can keep you consistently informed on the comings and goings of visitors to your property. Instead of bodies, you can track vehicles and their identifying attributes, giving you a more comprehensive picture of daily traffic, and providing critical data in the event of a problem.
  2. They discourage illegal parking scenarios: Your parking lot is meant for patrons, not as a free-for-all allowing easy access to other businesses or attractions. Leeway is typically given, but if unauthorized vehicles are taking up spaces meant for paying customers for hours on end, license plate recognition can help you pinpoint the perps, and disciplinary action (towing, fines, etc.) can make them think twice the next time.
  3. They help you bust the bad guys: Your business’s interior security measures can help to alert you to unauthorized visitors, intruders, and even criminals – but if a troublemaker makes his way to a car, you could be out of luck without a license plate recognition. Such measures capture the license plate number and store it on a hard drive for dissemination to the proper authorities. Alerts can also be programmed, allowing for immediate notification if the vehicle returns to your property.
  4. They’re actionable. Many of today’s license plate recognition systems can identify plate numbers and perform automatic functions – like opening security gates – after cross-referencing with your company’s database. This provides next-level convenience for your customers, cuts down on trespassers, and ultimately boosts your bottom reputation (and your profits).

Secom, LLC specializes in hybrid CCTV systems that provide detailed coverage of commercial and industrial parking lots. Our license plate recognition systems can provide a crystal-clear picture of potential intruders, while our surveillance cameras can pick up the smallest print of a license plate in motion. Reach out to our team today to learn more and set up a consultation.