Some of Secom’s leading competitors have built quite a name for themselves managing access control systems for many of the multi-tenant property managers in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Virginia.

These firms charge exorbitant prices for their services, which they have managed to convince clients are the only way to go about securing their buildings.

In a way, they’re not lying.

Once these clients sign on the dotted line, the tools they’ve been talked into are the only way to secure their buildings. Why? Because the security vendors push proprietary equipment and software that cannot be integrated or implemented with any other platforms.

This “vendor lock-in” model of doing business ensures that customers cannot change tactics midstream, as it would be too cumbersome and/or costly to do so, as it typically involves upending hardware and software, as well as card readers, credentialing, and more.

It’s not necessarily a deceptive practice. It’s just outdated. These vendors’ systems did a great job securing properties in the ’80s and the ’90s, and even in the early aughts. But the advent of the cloud has rendered these methods obsolete and, by today’s standards, way too overpriced.

The bottom line? In most cases, if you purchase a “traditional” legacy access control system from a “traditional” security provider – you are stuck with it. For life.

Secom, LLC specializes in the installation of cloud-based access control systems that utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide flexible and fully automated functionality and control. Our systems also offer boosted efficiency at a lower cost – which is all the more critical in this strange and stressful time.

Cloud-based managed access control:

  • Reduces the need for IT teams on-premise.
  • Is easily installed and integrated thanks to limited on-site hardware
  • Can be updated and backed up automatically, offering greater efficiency.
  • Can be accessed from any Internet connected device (from virtually anywhere in the world).

Most importantly, all of our systems are non-proprietary. Our team prides itself on our open architecture way of doing business, which means you will never be trapped into purchasing equipment with prohibitive service requirements. Not only that, but our technicians regularly service systems installed by other vendors.

We’re anything but traditional in a decidedly untraditional period of time. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.