Have you ever wondered how to manage multiple locations?

When it comes to growing a business, it’s not an easy feat. And as thrilling – and potentially lucrative – as it may be to add satellite stores to your burgeoning enterprise, maintaining cohesive security measures across multiple locales can be an overwhelming prospect.

Ideally, more locations mean more exposure and more customers. But they also mean more logistics, more employees to manage, and more opportunities for theft and vandalism. There are more doors, more windows, and more loading docks to secure. There’s more risk, plain and simple.

Expansion is a good thing, but it is critical to maintain consistency across all storefronts and offices, whether you’re a yoga studio or a medical practice.

Far too often, businesses grow at such a rapid pace, that disorganization ensues. And that can be a death warrant for long-term success.

Here are four ways that platformization can help business owners maintain a unified front conveniently from any mobile-enabled device.

  1. Cross-location rules: Platformization allows business owners to manage their alarms, access controls, and smart thermostats for each, individual business location using a single, user-intuitive interface. Simply set your protocols once, and these rules are carried over to every site added to the system.
  2. Easily managed user codes: When a business begins to grow super rapidly, confusion is frequently not far behind. Basic numbering systems that once were sufficient when there were only three storefronts swiftly get thrown out of whack. Platformization helps business owners to streamline store codes, and a single login allows them to easily scale the controls of multiple locations to thousands of employees simultaneously.
  3. Custom notifications. With platformization, software can be implemented to immediately alert business owners to unusual activity at any business location. Assign critical rules and protocols for all locations and be notified via smartphone, mobile device, and more whenever red flags are raised.
  4. Video check-ins: As your business grows, it becomes ever more crucial to be able to check in on your office locations and see precisely what’s happening at any given time. Platformization can provide a unified security camera feed accessible via any web-enabled device, making it a snap to toggle views from site to site, room to room.

Platformization gives business owners the peace of mind that each and every one of their locations is safe, secure, and under control.

Secom has experience managing rapidly growing local businesses and we can be your partner from the very beginning. Together, we can create a custom plan for your ever-expanding enterprise and make certain it is implemented with every subsequent location that you launch. Contact us today to learn more.