Mobile access control solutions are changing the way we work and live. Its advent occurred long before the pandemic, but the immediate and almost complete overhaul of how the world does business, bolstered by work-from-home scenarios, hybrid workspaces, and, initially, the concept of social distancing, has made it prolific.

Check out how cloud-based mobile solutions are reshaping the way various industries keep their assets and employees secure:

  • The beauty of automation: Hair and nail salons have had to make big changes since the onset of the pandemic, with many adopting a coworking style, i.e., renting out space and/or chairs to professionals instead of employing stylists directly. Mobile access control makes managing this new breed of beauty salon possible. It not only eliminates the need for keycards (and rekeying procedures) but also paves the way for more conducive scheduling. By employing mobile access control solutions, property managers no longer have to commit every waking moment to monitor their storefront for questionable activity. Thanks to the ability to lock and unlock doors, arm or disarm certain security measures, and create spur-of-the-moment authorizations remotely, renters can conduct their business when they need, and business owners are granted better peace of mind.
  • Property management the mobile way: When apartment complexes experience turnover, the costly task of rekeying rears its ugly head. Key fobs and cards must be reprogrammed. New PINs need to be issued and cataloged. And don’t even get us started on the annoyance and potentially liable nature of lost keys. It’s exhausting – exponentially so depending on your population. Cloud-based mobile access control makes things easier on landlords and property managers – and their residents – by implementing keyless entry and saying “so long” to lost time and money.
  • Pump up your gym’s productivity: As soon as the pandemic began to subside, exercise enthusiasts headed back to their gyms and fitness studios in droves. The need to feel that burn in the most conducive setting was strong and undeniable, and mobile access control has made it much safer and more secure. Twenty-four-hour fitness centers can now monitor, manage, and maximize efficiency for an ever-evolving clientele roster, providing hassle-free access to amenities such as lockers, equipment, and exercise space via a smartphone app.
  • Higher learning, heartier security: Colleges and universities are also getting into the mobile access control game. Even in recent years, institutions of higher learning had been relying on legacy access control systems and tech, including mag stripe cards, barcodes, and low-frequency proximity cards. But mobile access control is increasingly becoming a priority, with wireless locks and app-based credentialing replacing outdated solutions, which is particularly effective for a user population that lives and breathes by their smartphones.
  • Store’s open, but nobody’s home: The world has changed. Fading are the days of cashiers and point-of-service smiles from customer service reps. Today’s society thrives on self-checkouts and unattended retail stops where shop-and-go convenience is the name of the game. Place an order online, and pick it up a block from home whenever you darn well please. From airports to shopping malls to bus terminals and beyond, mobile access control continues to be a staple, as authorization to a kiosk or other unit can be shut down, recalibrated, and ready to go in seconds after a transaction has been completed.

Mobile access control reduces a business’s need for pricey equipment and on-site IT personnel while offering a solution that is automatically upgraded and accessible from any Internet-connected device from virtually anywhere in the world. Secom can help you get started. We provide solutions for commercial, industrial, and small businesses, as well as government agencies. Reach out to us today to learn more.