Security vendors overcharging for access control solutions continues to be a real concern for the property management industry.

Achieving quality property management access control doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – be this way. Here’s a fact: you can lower your operating expenses while simultaneously streamlining your credentialing system and managing multiple locations on one user-intuitive app from virtually anywhere in the world.

Not certain if you’re paying too much for property management access control? Here are three big red flags:

  1. You’re paying “per reader:” Upgrading access control systems to a cloud-based scenario not only delivers an improvement on your tech, bringing everything under one, easily manageable hub, but it also cuts your operating costs considerably.
  2. You’re still dispatching employees to grant access for deliveries and/or other guests. Occasionally, certain visitors or vendors will require special access to a certain entrance at one of your properties. Sending someone out to check credentials and greenlight these special cases is a colossal drain on time and personnel. Cloud-based access control systems, on the other hand, allow you to authorize mobile credentials at a moment’s notice, keeping your facility safe, your team happy, and your deliveries on time.
  3. You only take “working” vacations. Perhaps the greatest “cost” associated with being a property manager is the loss of quality personal time that is instead spent in full managerial mode at home, at rest, and even on vacations. If your current access control solutions do not provide ample peace of mind to allow you any sort of reprieve – it’s time to reassess your strategy. Being able to check in on your properties on the fly via a user-intuitive security platform from any Internet connected device delivers added efficiency and extensive peace of mind.

For far too long, legacy security vendors have been charging too much for too little, and in most cases – customers get cornered into vendor “lock-in” with traditional providers and are stuck with outdated tech for life.

Secom specializes in cloud-based property management access control, offering flexibility and automation that boost efficiencies and lower costs.

Our systems:

  • Reduce the need for on-site IT.
  • Are easily installed and integrated with existing systems.
  • Can be updated and upgraded automatically.
  • Are accessible from virtually anywhere you are.

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