A business’s photo security credentials remain an essential part of safeguarding workspaces and all related assets. But even more than that, they help employers and employees by improving visibility across the board.

Here are three ways photo IDs help to improve transparency and trust within your company:

  1. They put names to faces: Photo ID badges simply make it easier for coworkers to identify one another – which ultimately strengthens your office culture. They also contribute to a sense of ownership throughout your company. Credentials that spotlight an employee’s name and title boost confidence levels and help to create an atmosphere where everyone is working diligently toward a common goal. And though it may sound silly, photo security credentials also help to unify your team by providing a wearable that showcases your company brand without resorting to an enforced dress code. Ultimately, this helps build morale and a deeper sense of interconnectivity, which leads to enhanced productivity.
  2. They streamline customer service: Customers and clientele entering your business should be able to deduce quickly and accurately who in your lobby can assist them or direct them to someone more qualified. This is easily achieved when everyone in your employ is outfitted with customized photo security credentials. Not only do they help make a great first impression, but they also initiate what could potentially be lasting customer-client relationships.
  3. They hold employees accountable: Smart photo security credentials help to mitigate tardiness and no-shows and can help to identify weak links in the chain that are costing your company time, resources, and money. By accurately tracking the whereabouts and workflow of your team, your entire business benefits, which also helps to improve your security measures at large.

Of course, photo security credentials are much simply that much easier to recognize amidst bustling crowds that are coming and going, which helps front desk and security personnel to pinpoint any unauthorized visitors and take quick action.

Some things to consider:

  • ID badges should be printed on both sides, allowing for full visibility even when rotated or flipped.
  • Be sure to include information on the back of the card so that it can be returned if dropped or lost.

Secom specializes in access control systems that work in conjunction with photo security credentials to improve customer service and productivity while keeping your business and its assets safe and secure. Pay only for the features your business wants and needs, and never be locked into a wasteful legacy contract.

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