Physical security solutions evolve every day – every minute of every day.

The advent and advancement of cloud-based surveillance systems have upped the ante when it comes to physical security solutions and has subsequently delivered increased value for businesses who seek to protect their assets and their people.

Here are just three ways your surveillance systems make it all possible:

  1. Actionable analytics: Motion detection solutions that are triggered by certain criteria are paramount for today’s business owners. Otherwise, a wayward tree branch or a rambunctious woodland creature could trigger physical security solutions and lead to false alarms and sleepless nights. Technology has come a long, long way in this arena. While the occasional false alarm is never out of the question, the reliability of today’s tech has significantly cut down on their prevalence, providing instantaneous alerts when questionable activity is identified and paving the way toward a more proactive response. Object detection, too, is on the rise – helping business owners differentiate between individuals, vehicles, animals, and more. Additionally, license plate recognition is capable of cataloging identifying traits such as make, model, and license number for access and review at any time, from any place.
  1. Easier management: Gone are the days of managing your access control and video surveillance separately. Today’s business owners can ensure that “all systems are GO” via an intuitive user interface accessible by any Internet-connected device. Imagine pulling up real-time video footage from your smartphone or mobile device, authenticating the identity of a visitor or vendor at your business’s doorstep (or allowing face-recognition software to do it for you), and creating spur-of-the-moment credentials with just a few deft swipes and clicks. It’s just that easy. And seamless, state-of-the-art cloud-based video surveillance makes it possible.
  2. Expanded maintenance and upgrades: The actionable data provided by video surveillance also vastly reinforces the importance of open-architecture policies within the industry itself. By doing so, customers are encouraged to seek the systems that are a perfect fit for them, and manufacturers are freed to focus on what they do best, instead of attempting to cater to every customer and their diverse physical security solutions It’s a win-win situation.

Secom specializes in non-proprietary, cloud-based video surveillance systems that complement and amplify the efficacy of your existing physical security solutions. No more legacy systems and hand-tying contractual obligations. Our team will help you migrate your surveillance solutions and integrate them with your access control, alarms, intrusion detection, and so much more. Schedule a consultation today.