Thinking of enhancing your access control in 2022? Adding CCTV cameras to your arsenal? All good moves. And the specialists at Secom can help you install, integrate, and optimize these solutions. But potential security oversights exist beyond faulty alarms and missing credentials. Consider these four:

  1. Pride: As they say, it cometh before a fall. And while you may not think it sounds like an oversight at first, believing our methods and measures are foolproof is a one-way ticket to financial disaster. Remember: the minute you opened the doors of your business, you became a potential target for thieves and criminals. Think you have nothing worth stealing? Think again. Assets are not always tangible, and any damage to your workspace can cost you time and funds that you can never get back.
  2. Environmental distraction: This is a big one and one that touches almost every security system you rely on in one way or another. As we’ve mentioned in other blogs, a noisy workplace can contribute to erroneous blunders, causing distraction and possibly opening the door to cyberattacks, hacks, intrusion, false alarms, and so much more. With the dawn of a new year, it may be a good time to reassess your work environment and make tweaks and adjustments where need be, while offering flexibility to your staff to help alleviate stresses when possible.
  3. Security training shortcomings: Providing thorough systems training for your staff is the key to making certain the security measures you have instituted have been and are being carried out and cared for in adherence to company protocols. Training should be part and parcel with all onboarding policies, while refresher courses – particularly as many workforces return to an office environment – are paramount to prevent potential security oversights.
  4. Relaxed recruitment: Inside theft and threats continue to be a real problem for business owners. Approximately 5% of a company’s annual revenue is lost as a result of employee fraud. Thorough vetting is always crucial when bringing new personnel into the fold, and now, perhaps, more than ever. Do your due diligence to avoid these potential security oversights: insist on background checks, talk to references, and research thoroughly before hiring. Also enlist a professional security vendor to install state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, which have been proven not only to cut down on employee theft but also reduce workplace harassment and violence.

Secom specializes in comprehensive security solutions to eliminate security oversights for your business. Our team can integrate measures such as access control, visitor entry, alarms, surveillance, and more, maximizing your office’s productivity while protecting your assets, your employees, and your clientele.

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