SCIFs – or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities – are not necessarily what you would call… glamorous. One thing is for sure and that is that professional SCIF solutions are critical.

By and large, they’re impenetrable, albeit impersonal, safe rooms – whether permanent facilities or full-fledged mobile units – whose sole purpose is to provide an unbreachable bunker where Top Secret documents can be reviewed, and nationally sensitive chat sessions can be held without fear of prying eyes, ears, or electronic interference.

And while they’re unlikely to get a facelift anytime soon, here are just three big reasons that professional SCIF solutions remain imperative in 2022:

  1. They’re the gold standard. A SCIF is a secure place wherein classified material “may be stored, used, discussed and/or electronically processed.” They are primarily used to safeguard sensitive security and/or military intelligence against electronic surveillance and data breaches, and they have become increasingly prolific thanks to the ever-moving and duplicitous nature of cybercrime. The criteria to build a SCIF is intense, to say the very least, with adherence to strict standards as dictated by the Intelligence Community Directive 705 an absolute must. SCIFs, for instance, must feature Intrusion Detection Systems that use UL 2050-approved components, installed by a UL 2050-certified contractor. The bottom line? They are the top choice for protecting top secrets nationwide.
  2. They’re versatile (and portable). Believe it or not, professional SCIF solutions can be made to go. Portable SCIF enclosures provide the same secret-keeping fortitude as their stationary brethren, with state-of-the-art tech allowing them to be dispatched safely for numerous projects and swiftly installed from site to site. Various setups make portability possible, from modular units in which construction is achieved at a secure manufacturing facility and then installed at the destination; containerized SCIFs, easily customized plug-and-play assemblages that are shipped via cargo truck or plane; and panelized SCIFS, which are created using interconnecting panels and can be reconfigured to fit any function or mission.
  3. Security threats are only becoming savvier: Throughout the pandemic, cyber attackers, hackers, and infiltrators have been perfecting their “trade,” growing more duplicitous and dangerous in its wake. Impenetrable safeguards are needed to thwart eavesdropping evildoers and those who would use sensitive national data for their gain. This will make the seamless implementation of professional SCIF solutions, and the specialists who install and maintain them, imperative – not only in 2022 but in years to come.

Secom remains one of a select few security UL 2050 certified security providers nationwide, authorized to provide UL 2050 and DoD monitoring services on existing SCIF security systems, typically with no associated upfront costs.

Our specialists understand what goes into planning, installing, monitoring, and maintaining the professional SCIF solutions and facilities that keep our country’s top secrets safe from security breaches. Reach out to our team today to learn more.