Not too long ago, we received a call from a property management customer in Silver Spring.

Secom had earlier installed an automated gate for one of the client’s parking garages.

As each tenant arrived, they would pull up to a reader, present their card, and the gate would activate, permitting entrance. Once the vehicle had passed an in-ground sensor, the gate would close again and reset for the next arrival.

Our Silver Spring client had just endured a tirade from a livid tenant. The individual had read the property manager the riot act, claiming that our gate had come down on his Range Rover, ruining its roof rack. He was demanding the manager pay for the damages.

Our specialists went into action. We immediately reviewed video footage courtesy of the closed-circuit cameras we had installed, and closely examined the access control system.

What we discovered was – well, not altogether surprising, actually. But definitely underhanded.

In the video, the angry tenant never even rolled down his window to present his card. Instead, he attempted to tailgate the driver directly in front of him. The system, working properly, did its job – and closed just as the rulebreaker was passing through.

All’s well that ends well. Not only did we spare our client an erroneous insurance payout, but the dishonest tenant also had to pay for his own repairs AND the damages to the security gate.

We never knew property managers had such big smiles.

The bottom line? Even in the best of times, some people are always going to be looking for a loophole to exploit or a system to game.

And, now more than ever, in the wake of a pandemic, those same deceitful individuals are going to be seeking for an easy way to get paid.

Ensuring your company has equipped itself with proper security measures, professionally installed by systems specialists can protect against duplicitous people and their liability claims.

Just ask our insurer David “Butch” Kriger, with the F.N.B. Corporation. The Secom, LLC, team has saved our clients an inordinate amount of money in insurance payouts. And we can do the same for you.

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