Remember the good old days when property management security meant keeping the bad guys from breaking into the building?

The bad guys are not so easy to pinpoint, anymore. In fact, right now, the bad guys aren’t even human. And simple keys and fobs that once did the trick just aren’t cutting it anymore. These methods are no longer the apex of property management security. Not in a post-pandemic world.

In fact, particularly now, property managers are attempting to build a better mousetrap. Why? Because their residents and tenants and vendors and visitors are increasingly on the move as lockdowns ease and the world reopens. And because of that, they are increasingly engaging and touching the same, communal surfaces.

It has now become critical for property managers to protect their residents and clients – not only from potentially dangerous situations such as theft and violence, but also, and unfortunately, from the repeated shared use of items such as door handles, keypads, and intercom buzzers. Similarly, society’s reliance on delivery services – which has increased exponentially in the last five months – means more foot traffic in and out of building lobbies.

Smart software and access control solutions, such as control panels, door readers, gate openers, intercoms, and wireless locks, can help streamline authorization procedures for landlords and building managers, minimizing in-person contact and keeping foot traffic relegated to residents and their guests.

Additionally, cloud-based access control systems will allow facility managers to oversee all activity occurring at their properties, at any time and from any place in the world, from any Internet connected device. This flexibility is ideal for property managers who oversee multiple buildings, as an intuitive user interface allows them to:

  • Grant access to trusted vendors, guests, and delivery services from afar.
  • Add or remove resident credentials on the fly.
  • Automatically remove former residents from the system when they leave or are evicted.
  • Control how residents and guests access certain doors via keyless entry (mobile and/or PIN codes).

By upgrading your property management security solutions, your residents will reap immediate benefits as you establish safeguards against invisible threats and unnecessary exposure. Secom, LLC can help you get started today. Contact us today to learn more.