The Secom team is pretty jolly, no doubt about it. We’re regularly climbing up on rooftops (to place surveillance cameras), and, sure, some of us have a nasty cookie habit. But the biggest similarity between us and good, old St. Nick? We’re often in a bunch of different places at one time – despite how challenging that can be. But for a quality security vendor – it’s imperative.

Quality access control, cloud-based surveillance, multi-location capabilities, and more – all are essential to a comprehensive security approach. But without reliable and responsive security service, none of it matters.

Here are just four ways responsive security service makes a huge difference when you and your team are home for the holidays.

  1. Holiday presents presence: We can’t tell you how many times we’ve received calls from business owners in a jam who couldn’t get through to their (former) security team over the holidays. Great for us, since we gained some new clients that way – but worrisome and potentially devastating for the customer. Not to mention unacceptable for the security vendor who dropped the ball. Secom built its reputation on responsive security service, and not a single customer has ever waited for more than 24 hours for a service call.
  2. Peace of mind: All worthwhile security systems should be accessible via a user-intuitive interface that allows you to easily manage your building’s lights, locks, video surveillance, thermostat, and so much more from any smartphone, mobile device, or computer. No matter where you’re spending the holidays, this technology allows you to seamlessly monitor your properties at any time of day, from any place in the world. Secom also offers 24/7 security monitoring for applicable systems. Our turnkey solutions take the onus off of small business owners and property managers, delivering the same level of quality our government clients receive.
  3. ‘Smart’ safeguards: Today’s smart security systems allow offices to close for an extended break without breaking stride. Customize your security measures with solutions that range from automated thermostats that adjust your building’s temperature based on real-time weather reports to programmable lighting solutions that keep your property well-lit at certain times of day to deter potential trespassers.
  4. Support made simple: What do you do when your security company leaves you – and your legacy security systems – high and dry during the holidays? Being locked into a contract can make getting good help when you need it most a challenge. Luckily, Secom can integrate, service, and support any existing security systems. Our open architecture approach also ensures you will never be trapped by vendor lock-in schemes or lifetime service requirements.

Responsive security service is essential to running a successful business, not only during the holidays – but whenever malfunctions or issues arise. Secom is available around-the-clock for your security needs. Contact our team today to learn more or request service online.