The restaurant industry – particularly the fast-food and quick-service corner of this world – is rife with security concerns and needs. Top-notch restaurant security solutions installed by a reputable and skilled vendor have perhaps never been so critical as now – when employers are strapped for good help and desperate to man busy counters. Unfortunately, this is where oversights pop up and slip through, and loss that is 100% preventable can occur.

Owners and managers should be seeking systems that help to reduce liability, improve visibility, and boost employee morale. It’s more than possible if you find the right collaborator.

  1. It’s all true – you can have it your way. Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, food safety is the end-all, be-all of quick-service restaurant success. And it demands meticulous protocols and a watchful eye. Integrated access control systems can significantly mitigate owner concerns regarding contamination. It allows the powers-that-be to restrict access to storage areas (walk-ins, etc.) while granting entry to authorized personnel Cloud-based automation allows restaurant owners to review the comings and goings of team members via an intuitive user interface accessible via any Internet-connected device. Lock and unlock doors, arm systems, grant access, and create mobile credentials on the fly with just one click.
  2. Know where the beef is (and everything else): Just like access control helps to keep customers safe by ensuring only the most qualified team members can handle the food, integrated video surveillance systems help restaurant owners keep a closer eye on their staff and their clientele. Optimized surveillance cuts down on employee shenanigans, timecard cons, and inside theft, while also giving you an insurance policy in the event of liability claims or emergencies such as fires or flooding. Of course, it also helps to deter criminals and trespassers and provides critical data in the event of a break-in.
  3. Yes, you do deserve a break today – so take one: Multiple locations can be a massive drain on resources if you’re continuing to do things the old-fashioned way. When you make the move to cloud-based security, however, automated solutions allow you to manage credentials for each site, while simultaneously keeping close tabs on the company at large from wherever you happen to be. Save yourself time, money, and stress. Visit your satellite restaurants only when it is necessary, and dispatch maintenance crews when and where they are needed.
  4. It’s all good (but, still, don’t lick those fingers): Touchless entry systems are the wave of the future. They not only eliminate guesswork, as you don’t need to sanitize handles and push bars every second of the day, but they’re also more convenient. Automatic doors, mobile credentials, and facial and/or license plate recognition software are on the rise, cutting down on communal touchpoints in workspaces and keeping your vendors, your guests, your employees – and you – safe and healthy.

Replacing old, outdated security systems every other year needs to become a thing of the past. Secom, LLC does things right the first time and works diligently to maintain exemplary functionality for your restaurant security solutions as your fast-food empire grows. Give our team a call. We’ll take care of your security functions, while you continue to keep the fast-food friers burning.