It’s 12 o’clock. Do you know where your inventory is?

RFID asset protection is an invaluable means of preventing the debilitating costs associated with inventory loss. This frequently transpires as merchandise is moved from place to place, misrouted, or subject to shrinkage (employee theft, error, and/or fraud).

Here are three ways RFID tech can turn things around for your business:

  1. They establish a chain of custody: RFID asset protection solutions create an auditable trail. In other words, you will know where your inventory is at all times – whether in transit, on-site or on a loading dock somewhere – and who is charged with its safekeeping. Just a few clicks are all it takes to track your wares (and take whatever action is necessary) significantly mitigating the risk of theft.
  2. There’s practically zero lag time. Gone are the days of registering every item individually to create an accurate itinerary. With a warehouse filled to the brim with products, this could take forever, leaving whatever hasn’t been logged or itemized vulnerable. Because electromagnetic wave technology does not require direct line-of-sight for accurate reads, RFID asset protection services allow site managers to scan hundreds of assets in split seconds – expediting the protection of your business.
  3. They can alert you to robbery attempts: Door-mounted RFID readers not only gather information instantaneously as your assets move to and from your business but they can also be programmed to trigger alarms in retail settings should someone attempt to abscond with stolen items.
  4. They can track people, too: Sad, but true – theft, all too often, is an inside job. By simply notifying your entire team that inventory is being monitored using RFID asset protection, your risk for inside theft is diminished. But not only that, by implementing RFID-enabled security badges, your business can easily and efficiently track employee movement. By cross-referencing employee location with the last known whereabouts of stolen goods, you can narrow the list of suspects down, and use other security measures – such as surveillance – to nab the guilty party.

Through its collaboration with industry leader National Office Systems (NOS), Secom, LLC helps businesses optimize office space, reduce overhead, and protect against theft and retail shrinkage using state-of-the-art RFID asset protection services.

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