Wanna make some waves this summer?

Radio waves, that is.

With Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, solutions, a tag containing data is attached to an asset. This tag can later be read by a network-connected device using radio waves, with the data it contains being translated and recorded almost instantaneously.

Seasoned commercial and industrial property managers most likely remember all too well how taking monthly inventory once required monotonous weekends that seemed to drag on forever, racking up hours of overtime pay. Not anymore. Thanks to quality RFID solutions courtesy of your security vendor, this can now be done in seconds.

While similar in some ways to barcode technology, RFID solutions do not require direct line-of-sight to be scanned. This makes the process almost instantaneous. An entire room of assets, for instance, can be scanned and registered in just moments. Not only that, but RFID solutions also establish what is known as a “chain of custody.” This is incredibly important for inventory control, as it allows property managers to track the origins of every item on their roster, what paths they take during shipping, and their current whereabouts at literally any given moment.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there!

Inventory control is just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is, with RFID solutions at your disposal, you can affix a tag to virtually ANYTHING of value, whatsoever, and track it. If and when that tagged item is removed or goes missing for any reason whatsoever, your trusted security vendor can immediately alert the proper agents and/or authorities and pinpoint where the asset is and who has it.

While the time it takes to scan anything from a small room to a huge warehouse chock full of assets is relatively short, the list of benefits RFID solutions deliver is anything but. Consider the following:

  • You will know the precise location of each asset comprising your inventory at all times.
  • You will be able to quickly establish a “chain of custody” for your assets telling you where they started, where they’re going, where they’ve been, and who is responsible for them.
  • You will laugh in the face at antiquated line-of-sight barcode requirements when you scan millions of assets like a wizard with just a few waves of an RFID wand.
  • You can leverage real-time data at any time and print up-to-date reports regarding inventory whereabouts. Use data to help you reduce stock and to reallocate company resources.

Secom recently partnered with National Office Systems allowing our customers to secure their assets cost-effectively and efficiently. You simply won’t believe the speed at which you can improve office workflows. To schedule a live demo of our RFID solutions or simply talk through potential scenarios, reach out to the Secom team today.