Secom has performed its share of school security system installs over the years. As the school season kicks back into gear for 2022, faculties will no doubt be looking for ways to enhance their campus safeguards. Here are significant security lessons that will take your efforts to the head of the class.

  • Layers are Lesson One: Campus security should revolve around various layers or redundancies. Vulnerabilities, like easy alarm access or iffy walkie-talkie reception, will always be present, and times of high tension are notorious for throwing a monkey-wrench into even the most meticulous game plans. The secret to successful school security system installs is knowing this truth and integrating layers of contingencies at the offset. Many campuses now institute layered plans for safeguards that extend from surveillance in the parking lots and school grounds to access controls at entrances and ID badges that denote authorized visitors indoors. By doing so, single points of failure can be promptly addressed, and their impact mitigated.
  • It’s important to eliminate the learning curve: When it comes to a crisis, your staff should never be bogged down with complicated functionality. Alert and alarm systems are at their most effective when they are easy to implement and use. Mobile devices can be a phenomenal aid in other business settings, but on campuses, malfunctioning apps and dead batteries can be an obstacle you do not need. Talk to your security vendor about implementing body-worn devices that can be utilized with the touch of a button. These are far more reliable when the chips are down on campus.
  • Cross your T’s and dot your I’s: As the recent past has demonstrated, having a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan is imperative for schools everywhere. Board members tasked with scheduling school security system installs would be wise to discuss such plans with their vendors. Secom’s Security & Emergency Preparedness Division, for example, regularly helps institutional organizations establish effective protocols for security and emergency incidents, including active shooters, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and more.
  • Choose wisely. Not all school security system installs, nor the specialists responsible for them, are created equal. Be sure to ask the right questions when vetting prospects. Will the new access control system integrate with your existing security measures and those of your school district? What level of customization is offered? Remember: the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. Learn as much as you can about your school security system installation before signing on the dotted line.

For decades, Secom has been streamlining security practices for school campuses and boosting their efficiency. Our job is to help your staff and teachers focus on what’s most important – the safety and well-being of the students in your care. Our multi-facility functionality allows for seamless communication between buildings and staff, while our open architecture approach ensures clients are never trapped into operating proprietary equipment or software. Learn more about how we help make schools secure. Call us at 301-210-0022 or request service online.