Columbia, Md., Feb. 21, 2022 –Secom, LLC, recently announced a strategic partnership with National Office Systems (NOS) to provide state-of-the-art asset protection, supply management, and loss prevention solutions for its customers.

Headquartered in Beltsville, NOS is the country’s largest provider of radio-frequency identification applications, biometric asset protection, asset tracking and records-management software, and automated storage and retrieval systems. Over the last three decades, the company has helped businesses, government agencies, professional practices, and institutions reduce costs, improve productivity, and save space.

“Thanks to comprehensive, customizable asset protection solutions from NOS, our clients will be able to track almost any item they tag – files, furniture, documents, and more – making inventory management a snap,” said Secom President Michael Toomey. “They will be able to track assets across multiple facilities, know instantaneously when supplies are running low, and leverage real-time data to reduce stock and reallocate resources. Ultimately, these services will allow clients to streamline their practices, organize their spaces and – most importantly – boost their profits.”

One of the biggest values of RFID tagging, Toomey notes, is that – unlike a barcode – it does not require direct line-of-sight when scanning. This allows users to tally inventory in a matter of seconds with one swift scan of a room.

RFID tagging also establishes a clear “chain of custody” for a company’s documents and equipment, allowing users to track the origin of an asset, its path of use, and its current location at any given time.

According to NOS Principal Joe Alvarez, the benefits of exemplary asset protection services extend well beyond workplace materials – to include perhaps a business’s greatest asset: personnel.

“Monitoring staff movements with RFID-equipped badges can keep employees safe by reinforcing social distancing and identifying their locations in case of emergency,” Alvarez said.

The cost of installation for asset protection solutions is also quickly offset by the time and resources it can save clients, says Toomey, eliminating the search for missing items and saving money that would be needlessly spent on replacements.

“By making your day-to-day operations far more efficient, Secom and NOS will deliver a Return on Investment that is second to none.”

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