Security cameras have been shown to reduce and prevent burglary and crime, but only when strategically implemented in a business’s infrastructure. This makes security camera placement vital.

Security camera placement also plays a pivotal role in increasing employee productivity, while preventing internal theft and unprofessional behavior.

When determining proper camera placement, your first step should be to identify the most vulnerable areas in your business. Look for those that don’t have 24/7 video coverage, areas with poor lighting, and unsecured access points.

Keep the following areas in mind:
• Parking lots
• Lobbies
• Emergency exits
• First floor windows
• Laboratories
• Warehouses
• Data/computer rooms
• Break rooms

Be sure that areas that ultimately receive coverage have a strong WiFi signal and that potential views are not obstructed. No matter what, be sure that the following four areas of your business are covered:

1. Entrances and exits. You need to keep track of who comes and who goes, it’s just that simple. CCTV cameras placed at entrances allow you to review the faces of all visitors and possible thieves. Lighting can be an issue, as doorways open and close throughout the day. Positioning is incredibly important in this case. A professional security contractor can ensure that your camera is shielded from any potential glare.

2. Exteriors: Protect your business from thieves and vandals by ensuring your property is equipped with adequate exterior coverage. Focusing on parking lots and walkways is paramount. Consult with a security professional to strategize installation and maximize your viewing angles.

3. Reception desks. Your check-in desk is often the first stop for guests visiting your office or workplace, and therefore highly trafficked. You may want to consider inconspicuously stationing a camera in this area to monitor customer and employee behavior. Cameras can also be discreetly hidden near sprinkler heads, door handles, etc., but it is important to check with local law enforcement to confirm the legality of such surveillance.

4. Storerooms and/or warehouses. Expensive inventory and/or data = the risk of theft. Security camera placement from multiple vantage points will be necessary in any and all storage areas. As a side note, be sure to keep your warehouse well-lit continuously.

5. Forgotten corners. Dumpsters may not seem like a prime target for burglary, but dishonest employees have been known to stash company-owned loot here for a quick pick up after the workday ends. Don’t discount back alleys, stairwells, or other spots with low visibility. Criminals are counting on your indifference.

Secom’s specialists can help to maximize security camera placement at your business or property. We offer comprehensive CCTV solutions to keep an eye on your investment from every possible angle. Better yet, we can integrate your cameras with other security solutions to ensure peace of mind and continued productivity.
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